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  1. What does that have to do with us not taking him at 10?
  2. ...or we could've just drafted Tunsil and quit being conservative bitches. Fuck, Jerry Jones of all assholes learned his lesson, why can't we?
  3. I'm excited about the Perkins pick and was happy and hell when we took him. I get the "College is different from the NFL" thing, but being a UCLA fan I got to see him go quite a bit and he was brutal to the defense. He is arguably the best RB on the roster right now.
  4. Reese can play hide and go fuck himself. What a dumbshit pick.
  5. What are the chances Myles Jack falls to 10? With his injury this past season gotta believe he drops a few. He is an insane LB. Of course I say this with bias becasue UCLA is my team, but watching him the last couple years I knew he was gonna special talent. Here's hoping.
  6. Ivory to the Jags Bruce Irvin to the Raiders
  7. 2 years wasn't enough time to figure that out? Boy that Reese sure is an idiot.
  8. Blame him for taking handouts the last 2 years, then of course have him swinging from a tree.
  9. This makes it interesting now. Have a feeling we're going to land Vernon or *cough* Williams and draft Shaq
  10. Or maybe he has a conscience and knew he screwed them.
  11. ...and his knee is hanging by a thread which means he'd be the most expensive water boy. If he can even hold that position without his knee blowing apart again.
  12. It's good to see how much they appreciated Chip's vision.
  13. That's literally impossible with this current defense.
  14. Move down, get an extra pick or two, and it would be a thing of beauty. Of course this all depends on what Dragon stated about our D in FA.
  15. Everyone has us taking Shaq at 10, but would it surprise anyone if Reese take Laquon Treadwell there? It's very possible knowing Reese. Our pass game would be insane, but of course our D would continue to suck balls,
  16. What do you guys think about Roddy White? Granted he's old, but he can still produce especially with Beck getting most attention.
  17. I really miss "You can never have enough pass rushers".
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