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Can believe no one has posted this yet?


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Eli married


Giants' Manning to tie the knotby STEVEN HIRSCH and CHUCK BENNETT, New York Post

Updated: April 5, 2008, 7:23 AM EST 22 comments add this RSS blog email print NEW YORK - New York's touchdown titan is tying the knot on home turf this month.

Eli Manning proposed to Abby McGrew in March 2007. They met while attending the University of Mississippi. (Amy Sussman / Getty Images)

Giants quarterback Eli Manning is set to wed college sweetheart Abby McGrew in New York in the next few weeks, family members confirmed to The Post yesterday.

The Super Bowl XLII champion and his blond bride-to-be were spotted at the Manhattan Municipal Building apparently picking up a marriage license Tuesday.



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Congrats, Eli!

...but your brother's wife is still hotter, with bigger cans. :mellow:


Did you read that story on SI.com in their vault about Peyton and his second year? He showed up to his first date wearing all denim. He even had is future-wife order him Chinese food for him because he didn't know how....and she was in DC not TN.


And while I am sure he doesn't need them anymore now that he is married he used to have Polaroids his mommie took of him in different outfits so he could dress himself.


And people say Eli is the mommies-boy.




Very good article.

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1 word - Pre-nup.


Only in America can a woman get half of what the man has.. even if he'd gotten it before marriage..





Ok maybe not only in America but this is twisted. It should be common sense.

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I'm furious. He should be preparing for next season, not wasting his tired getting married. JR, CUT HIM NOW!!!!!!


:furious: :furious: :furious: :furious:



















































JK...Congrats Eli. :TU:










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