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  1. Eagles have nothing but Westbrook. Their O line is weak....no recieving threat and McNabb is fragile. And Westbrook (although he is DAMN good) wants to be paid Ladanian money. I call BS! It goes like this: Ladanian BEST all around back, then MAYBE Westbrook is #2, a DISTANT #2.
  2. No choice for "The trade happened let's move on"???
  3. Well I'll be damned.....It's the 'Dog'!!!! HiUdooin???
  4. Turned? I haven't. But if Shockey DID NOT (or wasn't happy) wanting to be a Giant anymore....who turned on who? Like they say in the business "It is what it is, let's move forward".
  5. It's funny how I read that in a Frank Caliendo/John Madden voice.....and I was laughing out load for real!!!
  6. Can someone post that avatar (or clip) of Shockey celebrating prematurely when Feeley missed that kick vs. Seattle? THAT'S how I'd like to remember The Shockster!
  7. Mike Matthews for TE!!!! Em2 (That's M squared for you math challenged folks)
  8. Question? Does this count as a Shockey Thread??
  9. The "Shockey Threads" will be such in abundance, it'll have the power to open up gateways to other worlds (to cross into our world).
  10. Stephen Alexander's a TE??? And does this count as a "Shockey Thread"??
  11. Shockey's gone????? What?????
  12. He didn't want to be here. He forced his way off the team. Keeping him was an untenable option. What would you have the team do? Hypnotizing him into wanted to be a Giant again?? THAT people, says it ALL!
  13. April 11, 2008 Shockey's status unclear as locker room opens to media...If the offer is good enough, who knows? Maybe they’d strike a deal. But Shockey is 27, coming off a broken leg, and has yet to make it through a full, 16-game season in his six-year career....
  14. It's life in the fast lane for the NFL and the Giants. The Giants are finally about TEAM instead of 'individuals' (IE "I want more catches as a TE, you aint using me right...") Most of us knocked Ernie A for his picks and desicions and now this is the WORST thing Jerry has done??? The Giants (for the most part) have a good nucleus of players now and I love it!!!! Sure Shockey was talented and will be missed but I'm moving on....
  15. Bush is NOWHERE near as good as Westbrook. And I don't see Bush even getting close to being as good in the future as a Westbrook. The addition of a Shockey may help Bush along but be serious, Bush is FUGAZY. Scary ass cat.
  16. 11 And the new saying is "It is what it is" Shockey is GONE, let's move on! Good luck to Shockey and good luck to my Giants for 2008-2009.
  17. It was obvious that Shockey did NOT want to be on the Giants. He wasn't happy here....so why aren't YOU pissed at that??? So the best thing (IMO) for both parties is to trade him. NFL business, let's move on! (I look at it this way, we gained PLENTY of healthy players ie Bradshaw, Smith, and yes Boss..Boss isn't Shockey but he was healthy and productive when called on to produce)
  18. I was hoping that the giants would keep Shockey, but if he really doesn't want to be in NY, what else could you do with him ? ...But now Sean Peyton has him back and I wish em both the best.
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