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  1. Wow! That hits you right in the feels, especially that last part. We always take the present for granted, thinking that there will always be a tomorrow. Live in the moment and love hard. You're never guaranteed a second chance. RIP Tyler Sash
  2. It wouldn't be a Giants defense without a guy whose name nobody can pronounce.
  3. Exactly. It's way to early to start predicting wins and losses. Rosters aren't even on paper yet.
  4. Like I said in the other thread...this will somehow not be good for the Giants.
  5. Somehow, this move will bite the Giants in the ass.
  6. Has it already been 4 years? Fuck where does the time go?
  7. I just read this too. With the firing of Fewell, it's a good day to be a Giants fan. Haha
  8. Any chance they can get a new Strength & Conditioning staff?
  9. If there was a better coach out there, I'd want Coughlin gone, but right now I don't see a better available option.
  10. Colts just came off a horrible loss and will be looking to make a statement, and history shows that is never good for the Giants.
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