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  1. Won't happen guys! The Bengals will snatch him up before he drops to us and I doubt we move up that far for him.
  2. Reaper


    We need Plaxico back and draft another big WR in the first round plus do you think we sign both Jacobs and Ward this offseason?
  3. We lost, end of season nothing can be done now.
  4. Eagles did deserve to win, they did what was needed to win so be it. These were the two best years in recent memory but with Strahan retiring, Osi getting hurt and Plaxico shooting himself and our team and we still had this type of season so fuck it guys who do we draft?
  5. This seems a bad year for top teams in the NFL, let's see what happens with the Steelers next?
  6. I just hate when the announcers claim that this game is for bragging rights? What bragging rights, the Giants own every right in the Tri State area because the Jets as a franchise just suck ass!
  7. The Giants drafted him with a third round selection so I doubt that they will just wash their hands of him.
  8. I agree, we have David Carr and the Hefty Lefty so I think we are set at QB. We need to address the lack of LB depth just in case Strahan retires maybe we can move Kiwi back to DE if we have decent depth at LB.
  9. Dan Connor will be average at best in the NFL so I wasn't destroyed that we passed him up.
  10. Toomer will take his fellow Wolverine under his wing and guide this kid straight. This was a great pick for the Giants now we must address the lack of LB depth.
  11. I wonder if he could be sent down to the minors to work things out, his mechanics are out of whack and he has no trust in his pitches right now.
  12. It is my fifth anniversary tomorrow so I'll miss most of it as well but thanks to DVR I'll catch up on everything later on that night while speeding through the useless junk.
  13. Seems that we have had solid draft day selections as of late.
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