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Training Camp

Mr. P

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I was going to make a joke about how that’s why his name is shakes because he’s always shaking with rage, but that would be disrespectful to the genius that is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 

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Kelvin Benjamin’s anti-Joe Judge rant doesn’t speak for the rest of the Giants’ players.
In James Bradberry’s mind, it reinforces why Benjamin is no longer here. Or as the Giants’ top corner put it on Thursday:

“It ain’t for everybody. You feel me?”
“He’s entitled to his opinion,” Bradberry said of Benjamin, who blasted Judge following his release Wednesday night. “I definitely think Coach Judge is tough. But football is tough. There’s a lot of pressure being in our shoes, so I don’t expect him to give us our way all the time.

“A tough coach, that’s how you build structure,” Bradberry added. “That’s how you build discipline. That’s what he’s building here. It’s part of our culture. It ain’t for everybody, man, ya know? It ain’t for everybody. You feel me?”


Its the same shit they said about Coughlin.  If Judge is even half the coach Coughlin was it will be the titties. 

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1 hour ago, mastershake said:

You mean Geoff...Mitchell was the Schwartz brother who was actually able to stay on the field, and won a SB.

I meant Mitchell, but hoping he'd move inside... a fool's errand, I know.

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hopefully it is just a sprain and Lemieux will just miss a bit of camp and be back mid Aug ...........anyway , wasnt he the worst pass blocking guard in the NFL last year ?

they seem to bring the cart out all the time nowadays .....and he walked to the cart on his own and had no ice packs or braces applied according to Art Stapleton  

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53 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:

that was a close one.... we're one season ender on the OL from a 'shakes aneurism. 

We shouldn’t care who gets hurt since it’s already a foregone conclusion that the o line and the team are just gonna be terrible anyway. 

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