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Was he that bad?


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2 hours ago, CrazedDogs said:

when I pressed play I was shocked to see it was a 15 minute long video. I thought, wow, that's way more TDs than I thought.

Then I see they spend like 2 minutes per TD. So... yeah.... he was that bad.


Yeah, highlights are always nice, but I can't for the life of me remember a time 1994 - 1997 when I was excited about Dave Brown QB play. All I remember was constant disappointment and recurring 3 and outs.

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I had not started watching Football at the time DB played. But when I first fell in love with the Giants and started watching I tried to go a bit into history and see some stuff. Some of the more seasoned Giants fans issued ultimatums to me - DB was like Voldemort - he who should not be named. They said read up and watch all you want but the stay the fuck away from DB - those were the Dark Ages.

Maybe the QBing was atrocious - but the last few years as a team - this can qualify for 'Dark Ages 2'

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One thing I liked about Kent Graham is I always felt like the guy had guts. Remember that game against the undefeated 12-0 (or something) Broncos in 1998? The guy went on a tear. In general, that 1998 season and the last four games while being 4 - 8 when the team could have easily mailed it in, Kent Graham led the team to four straight wins.

He was also doing decent in 1999 for awhile, when he had fucking Sean Bennett and Joe Montgomery as his running backs, and two rookies starting on the offensive line (Petitgout and Rosenthal).

He also posted a winning record for us, somehow. 10-9.


Dave Brown was just dull, boring...never did anything special. I can't for the life of me remember anytime he led us to a come from behind win in the 4th quarter. I remember being 10-12 at the time, and yelling at the TV and asking my father "Why don't the giants just put in the backup QB. It can't possibly get any worse than this, can it?" To which my father replied "Somehow the giants don't have anyone better than this."

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