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Mr. P

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Yeah, I'm not sure why you wouldn't try to restructure and/or trade. Nobody was going to pick up his contract the way it was and maybe by restructuring, there's a clause that prohibits a trade or something that we don't know about.


Either way, I don't think he provided so much to the offense that it can't be overcome. Being a hometown guy and fan favorite, I kinda hope he just hangs it up. One of those guys that just wouldn't look right in a different jersey.

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It was worth seeing what he could do and he came back from an injury that very very few players come back from. It sapped his quickness and elusiveness and he couldn't get open.


That said, who in their right mind would trade for him? The only play was to cut him or get him to restructure to vet minimum, what he's worth, and he wasn't going to do that.

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The Giants just released Victor Cruz .... I mean not even a trade to some one for a draft pic he could of at least garnered a 7th round . Hello Cleveland???? any one home up stairs?


I dont know what you would say to a team though.


"Hey want this way past his prime slot WR who has lost all of his speed and explosiveness for a 7th round pick? Ok well how about a few towels and a diet coke?"


I mean don't get me wrong in his prime the guy was a good WR for the Gints but as it stands right now Cruz has as much value to a team as any one of us lol

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Not a cut, but...



Giants settling all family business today. They will not be re-signing TE Larry Donnell. He'll be a free agent.




Donnell is an unrestricted free agent. For this news to come out tells you what the Giants thought of Donnell


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