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  1. Yeah, give a couple more games. last year, things looked bad too.
  2. Maybe it's time to evaluate JR, he's not what he once was.
  3. They'll need it too against our WR's.
  4. Well, if we could maybe keep a couple good WR's on the field at the same time? having to dump it off to the TE shows it's a late check for Eli too many times.
  5. Hopefully they take some pressure off the line with OBJ, Marshall, Shepard and the addition of Engram. I'm just ready for some football at this point.
  6. He had a few good catches last year, you guys are rough on people in here. but the spot has been really bad the last few years.
  7. Just keep people healthy for the start.
  8. Maybe the Steelers defense is better than ours?
  9. Pretty bland after waiting so long, but it's always that way.
  10. I love how they always shoot themselves in the foot
  11. I doubt that will happen. pretty sure he was bun-humped by a Giants fan as a kid and can't get over it. that or the hot water challenge he tried messed him up for good.
  12. GA4M

    Dolphin down

    Yep, he'll insure they'll be average like they have been.
  13. Looks like the BronxRacist guy learned his lesson. enjoy last place, fool!
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