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  1. This and players getting old. then those years of all the injuries and keeping people who just weren't worth the wait. we're lucky right now the team is where it is.
  2. Still going to be strange not having TC as Coach.
  3. Yeah, I seem to get about 6-8 games on TV here every year, so the rest i just stream. but it would be nice to see it in HD.......some of those streams can be so bad.
  4. Wiziwig has worked every week for me, but that was preseason and the Dallas game was on NBC anyway. but I think it will work this week too.
  5. I've watched the first two games on there. you need to give the video time to load and x-out the ads. there will be several links once you click on the game, if one doesn't work....try another.
  6. that's great, It's my go-to place anyway.
  7. Thanks, I've looked around some...but it's hard to really tell what will work until the games actually start.
  8. My bad for not checking again, I know at the end of the year last year they were down. but that was my place to go for the games, thanks JG and I hope they stay up!
  9. Since you made your post in April, have you heard of any other sites? looks like I will be needing a new place this year to stream from. I know 6 games will be free and NY gets maybe a couple games here in Tampa. so I'm thinking half of the games I'll need to use the net.
  10. Damn, been going there last two years, that sucks!
  11. Been using that for a few years now, even before they changed their name.....good site.
  12. I've always like Nicks, but it's time for him to go...he's wasting our time anymore.
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