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Nick Saban wanted, and was offered, the Giants HC job...


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...according to Tom Arnold?



Actor Tom Arnold: Nick Saban wanted New York Giants coaching job

Could Nick Saban have moved from Tuscaloosa, Ala., to New York last offseason?


According to actor Tom Arnold, the answer is yes. Arnold appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show on Friday and said Saban had real interest in the Giants' coaching vacancy this offseason.


The actor is friends with New York Giants co-owner and Vice President Steve Tisch, whose wife went to Alabama.


Lawyer and super promoter Bob Arum called the Giants and told them Saban wanted the Giants job. The team gave Saban a weekend to decide, according to Arnold. His asking starting salary was $10 million, but the Alabama coach said he had to check with his wife.

Ultimately, it didn't work out, and Saban ended up returning to the Crimson Tide for a tenth season.



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Saban does not have the greycells to succeed in the NFL - that was quite evident. We should have gone hard after Hue Jackson or Doug Pederson or Dirk Koetter




Time will tell who was the better coach in 2016, not the halfway mark of the 2016 season.

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Agreed.....but it certainly doesnt look like McAdoo even will qualify. Im hoping for him to surprise me after the bye....but I doubt it.


I have been kinda surprised that McAdoo hasn't been able to do more with the pieces he has since he retained so many members of the staff and has been on staff for the past two seasons. At this point I cannot determine that the failures are a direct result of coaching. Ball security and discipline are examples of bad coaching, play execution is an example of failure by players.


There are a lot of significant factors working in McAdoo's favor for him to be able to win most of the games remaining on the schedule.

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I don't know. We have a winning record and are in 2nd place in the division and are the only team who has beat the first place team.


Really? We all know Dallas is playing better football than everyone in the division and will most like win the NFC East - unless our offense shows up big time. Lets see which Giants team shows up against the Eagles - Ill form my judgement then. But considering the atrocious playcalling - I really dont understand where this team is going.

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