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Rumor: Giants looking to trade for Bongles LB Rivers.


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There are rumors worth mentioning and rumors worth ignoring. The rumor involving a possible trade of Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers heading to the Giants is now worth paying attention to. The source is the key.

Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger tracked down the rumor, which started on a Giants message board. That's usually not the most reliable place for information to start.



But Garafolo is one of the best reporters in the game. When he checked the story out, no one told him that he was on the wrong track. He said there is some fire to this smoke. Rivers is currently in New York and the Bengals were reportedly looking to move him after re-signing Manny Lawson last week.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote Wednesday the "wheels are turning" regarding a possible deal. We can't imagine the Giants would have to give up anything more than a late-round pick to acquire Rivers.

The No. 9 pick in the 2008 Draft, Rivers started his career out strong before Hines Ward famously broke his jaw. Rivers has struggled with injuries since, but he is a talented player. It's possible the Giants could move Michael Boley to middle linebacker if the team acquires Rivers. Linebacker remains one spot the defending champions can clearly improve


If this happens does that mean Goff or Blackburn are out the door?

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if a TRade is in the chit chats.. who the Giants are giving up??.... the only player we got that wants out is Osi..... so please god, please don't do this!!!!!


it, doesn't have to be a "who", it can also be a "what". probably like a 5th round pick.

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That's as fast Nd athletic of a LB corps a there is in the whole NFL!


Isn't Rivers an outside guy? I'm not sure I like Boley at MLB.


And Williams is Boley's backup. He's not taking Kiwi's job.

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pretty sure that was his rookie year, he's played well since then.


He's looked good when he's played, but that's been far too rarely. He looked really good his rookie year.


The good news is that his injuries are of the impact variety... its not like he has regular ligament issues, muscle strains, etc... you can get healthy from his kind of injuries.

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from ralph v:


Assuming the price isn't too high, Keith Rivers is a nice acquisition by Giants GM Jerry Reese. He's got talent (obviously, since he was the 9th overall pick in 2008) and has played reasonably well when he's been healthy. His presence gives the Giants more talent at a weak position (linebacker) and gives them options on how to deploy everyone. Maybe Boley plays the middle. Maybe Kiwi goes back to DE. Who knows? Adding talent is never bad, though. And it's probably a low-risk cost.
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Isn't Rivers an outside guy? I'm not sure I like Boley at MLB. And Williams is Boley's backup. He's not taking Kiwi's job.


He came into the league as a WILL... but he's also 6'2". 240+ lbs... I think Rivers looks the part of a MLB much moreso than Boley. And if there's any knock on Rivers, its his coverage, so I'm thinking he's going to be tried out in the middle.


I think thats a very good gamble if all this costs is a 5th or 6th rounder.

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