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Theres no way we'll trade up that high to get Crabtree... I don't like Britt either. Alot of people will be quick to compare him and his size to Plax but he's slow and I don't know how much I trust a Rutgers wideout to get it done in the NFL. I'd rather take Louis Murphy from Florida in the 2nd round. I wouldn't mind trading up in the first to grab Orakpo. He's another Osi Umenyiora in the making. I would also be happy taking Brian Cushing in the first. A linebacker that is strong and fast as hell - would be a huge help in pass coverage.

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Trade our first, 2nd and the other 2nd we got from the Saints for Boldin...

If not... trade up in the first to get Orakpo... imagine our pass rush on third downs with Osi, Kiwi, Tuck, Orakpo, Robbins... then take a bunch of linebackers and wr's the entire draft




Easy there Snyder.


We wont be going for any big name WR in the draft, I'd rather us go LB instead.

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So get over it already!


You win championships with defense...the superbowl was won last year because of the immense pass rush. If wide receivers won championships New England would have killed us last year in the Superbowl.


They need another stud DE and faster linebackers. The secondary needs depth but they are looking really good the past couple of seasons.


The Giants have the 29th pick of round #1, two picks in round 2 and two picks in round 5. All of these picks should add some nice depth and solid players. Reese has done a great job in two years as GM and I expect it to continue.

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