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  1. Saw and interview with Carl Banks and what was interesting was Carl's take on this. Carl said that from his analysis he see's that because BJ is tall with a long stride he is hitting the hole too soon. He goes on to say that he needs to wait a sec more for the play to develop. When BJ hit the line sometimes its too fast and he must wait that slight pause. Banks also comments on how the line is not blocking in the same fashion as last year in combination with defense's stacking the box. He said nothing is wrong with BJ and that Tony Saragoosa's comments were not true that his is running hard. He also commented that with out BJ's pounding style Bradshaw would not be as effective.
  2. When you not winning I guess you try something that will work so if you have speed the wild cat might help but its not gonna take you to the playoffs. What takes you there is controlling the clock by running and play action than your solid defense stops the run and opposing teams get worn down. Run and shoot, wild cat this or that its just entertainment its not playoff football in the end.
  3. From Jacobs point of view I guess he is seeing Bradshaw be a major force something that he had been when the holes were bigger or when D's were not putting 8 / 9 guys in the box. Bradshaw has the ability to find cracks, run low with power and make awesome cuts. He is a more well rounded back. Jacobs is still powerful once he gets through the line of scrimage and does wear down the D. In fact the combination right now is excellent and aside from his ego there are no problems that I can see. There will be times when the line will open up holes that will let Jacobs do his thing. Other times he just falls foward for 3 yds when being stopped at the line. If anything this may motivate him to really ramp up. I see some intense running on his part this Sunday!
  4. very negative. lets hope the giants beat them and noone gets hurt.
  5. THe chain of events that made the Giants a better team were: Tiki Retiring Shockey leaving Plax getting arrested This is no disrespect to Plax but Eli's personality is to lead with a more reserve focus and not be pressured to throw the ball to whinnning me players. Eli simple puts the ball where the defense lets him and therefore he blocks out a players number. Its only after the play is over that he correlates the player with the number with the face. It seems to work very well for him. Go Eli !!
  6. If there ever is a good time for injury I guess early on is better. Boley was really impressing.
  7. My respect for him as a coach has surpassed Parcell. Coughlin has the ability to do what ever it takes to motivate his players even go as far as dig into his own soul for the better of his team. His toughness and total team concept has made me a believer in him and his team. The book is not finished yet as I see several S-Bowl wins on the horizion.
  8. he is not julius jones thats for sure. With Jacobs we will always need another back and thats ok if you have jerry reese as your GM. All backs get hurt so its all moot any way. Jacobs plays a very good role here and as the oline goes the running backs go. Jacobs needs specific kind of lanes to run through otherwise he stops his momentum and tries to shift and move to something else. As you said Dog we seen it before and it is nothing new.
  9. It must have been hard for Jack when Collins who was was a starter for the Giants than became a backup for Vince Young and now the starter again. That must have really confused him big time. Hey Jack, Vince Young is better than Kerry Collins right? Young should be the starter no?
  10. There are always a lot of variables here but the short answer is Reese has tremendous instincts when it comes to his Job. (GM) He has a great feel for talent vs money vs time. His ability to develop talent is great so this continued building process will benefit all Giants fans as long as Reese is at the helm and the good news is he is a young guy so live long and prosper!!!
  11. i am in agreement with you Jim. if he would have killed someone than a totally different situation.
  12. yes the opposing D's are counting on Gilbride to work that play in at least 2 times a game. They are hoping that this becomes a 3rd down effort on the Giants part.
  13. What I like about the call is opposing D's are gonna have to start to double team him opening many other play calling opportunities. I'm just so glad we have Gildride for the genius that makes him one of the elite OC's in the league.
  14. one word to describe mike = asshole Oh wait is that 2 words?
  15. After seeing the Dallas game its highly unlikely there gonna use lots of resources stopping the Giants run. They may go 8 men in the box here and there but this game is starting to shape up like the Giants may be able to get the running on track with more balance. My take on Tampa is they seem to have lost there identity. anyway another hot game weather wise!
  16. there was lot of piss poor tackling last night !!! absolutely.
  17. like Joe said we've been Hedgecocked!!!
  18. Yeah as Tree said Gilbride isnt gonna change. I mean any fuckin fan watchin last night knows that Hedgecock cannot catch the ball. How ridiculous can our OC be???? In Martin's playbook the Hedgecock pass is the last play in the book. I mean the desperation play of the century. gezzzz this freaking guy !!!!
  19. agreed! the number one thing in my mind is leaving points on the table. If the trend continues there will be some very disappointed Giants fans this year. The D can't cover every week the O needs to score when opportunities are there. THe game should have not been close.
  20. only so much money to go around and you have to spend it wisely. so far jerry reese has proved his salt. Jerry has a great feel for talent and how to work the money.
  21. Wait a minute Jack. I saw plenty of blitzing in this game and I thought the blend was good. The Giants didnt get to Romo cause Dallas picked up the blitz real well last night just as the Giants did. If any problem I had with the D was missed assignments and Pierce got blocked out several times and there were numerous miss tackling by all. Jones and Barber seemed to have olive oil on there uniform last night. Sheridan is doing a fine job so far. Pick on something that makes sense dude!!
  22. me too !! I think they will be putting him in- in the very near future at least down in the redzone.
  23. jack its not jacobs. THe run blocking at the goal line or between the goal line and 10 yd line is weak. Everytime they try to run I see Lb's shooting the gap or our Olinemen getting beat at the point of attack. I dont see this line being extremely physical and winning the battle against equally physical D lines. Gilbride will need to adjust and not be predictable in the redzone in order to be effective.
  24. the running game will get better. Dallas was stoked to stop the run but they didnt count on the new receiving core to come up big. And lets give props to the oline keeping Eli upright throughout the game. The pass protection was good. Deihl did a great job as well as the others. This was a huge win with all the hoppla at the new stadium etc.... another warm day at tampa next week lets hope the running game gets more consistant.
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