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The BS We Bought Into Before the Season; Let's count the ways


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Eli will be able to turn it around and be a pro bowl caliber QB again to help us go on a run.


We can rebuild and make a run at the same time!


The offensive line is rebuilt, and we finally have a professional line! Solder had a good 2nd half last year and will return to good form, Hernandez will be better this year, Halapio is back and will be fine, and the right side will be great with veterans in Zietler and Remmers.


Schurmer will be able to open up the playbook more and be more creative, especially with Barkley! Schurmer will be able to ditch the 4 yard curl/in/out routes to Engram, and checkdowns to Barkely behind the line of scrimmage.


Getting Jabril Peppers is like having the Landon Collins of 2016 reborn! He was a first round pick so surely he’ll be just as good! (sidenote, I actually agree with letting Collins walk, for the money he wanted).


Our CB’s are young, but they are all steals! Every rookie CB we have (Baker, Ballentine, Love) plus Beal could all be starters and immediate contributors. We’ll be fine at CB. We actually have so much talent it will be difficult to decide who will start.


Our LBs have a ton of potential! Lorenzo Carter will come into his own, Oshames will be a good pass rush specialist, Olgeltree is healthy again and will be a leader, and Tae Davis looks like a stud.


Bethea is a veteran leader and is a huge upgrade over Curtis Riley.


We have great depth at WR! Addition by subtraction by getting rid of Beckham! Plus Engram will return from Injury, opening things up even more.


Our DL is so good, especially with adding Dexter Lawrence, that they will collapse the pocket and support a much better pass rush than last year.


Okay, I'm embellishing for effect, but you get the point.

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The strange thing is... we've been told for three years that we needed a TE like Evan Engram to "take the top off the defense" with seam routes.


Has anybody on this board EVER seen him run a seam route?


Nope....most of the time he's cutting in or on a drag route where there's a lapse in coverage and/or missed tackle, where he burns the D for a big gain with YAC.

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Yeah this season has been disappointing. I didn't think the Giants would pull the plug on Eli Manning so early yet considering how poorly the team is doing, they did him a favor. Once they decided to go with Daniel Jones, the season was going to be a developmental one. I had higher expectations for the defense that has yet to come up with an answer.

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This team is awful.


Top to bottom....owner down to ball boy



If it weren't for the knicks the jets and giants would be the biggest disaster in modern pro sports for the city of ny



Not sure how you left the Mets out

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Can't believe you bought into that before the season. You're never going to hear, "Yeah, we're a young team and we're going to have to transition this year more than likely to a rookie QB, so we expect to have some growing pains with our young players and lose a lot of games." But you probably should've expected that, I certainly did.


I still like our young corners, V.

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