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It will be a rough Monday


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Listening to the post game interview, he said he could walk on it, move his ankle around ect ect Said the Doc told him it was a bruised/sprained heel.


I dont expect him to miss any game time though they will probably take it really easy on him this week during practice.

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until we know the extent of ELI's injury I would count on nothing...who the hell knows what an MRi reveals? Very worried .....mellow.gif


I'm not. Looked like a minor tweak... I doubt the guy would miss next week... and even if he does, it's the raiders.

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The Raiders suck, but I would take nothing for granted in the NFL.


And I totally agree with you. But if anything I've learned not to worry about something that's out of my control (well.. when it comes to the Giants at least). if the guy is injured then he needs to sit and heal properly... and maybe Carr can settle down behind center. If there's a week for Eli to be injured it's this coming week.

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NY Giants QB Eli Manning will have MRI Monday afternoon on 'bruised heel'

By Jenny Vrentas/The Star-Ledger

October 05, 2009, 1:11PM


Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who sustained what the team called a "bruised heel" in Sunday's win at Kansas City, will have an MRI later Monday afternoon, the team announced. More information about the injury will be available then.


Manning had "some swelling and soreness" Monday morning, according to the team spokesman, and was administered ice and stimulation treatment. He attended team meetings and went through a strength program that was likely modified.


After Sunday's game, Manning said he didn't think the injury was "awful," though the results of Monday's MRI will tell the full story. Manning was injured on a fourth-quarter pass to Steve Smith, during which he hopped in the air after planting his right foot then fell to the ground while throwing. He stayed in for the next play, a touchdown pass to Hakeem Nicks, but did not return with the game already in hand.


Manning told reporters Sunday he felt "a little pull or strain" but that it was not an injury to the Achilles' tendon.




According to a poster on that website, "Non contact injury. . .soreness and swelling the next day. . .I've seen this before. It does not bode well for Manning. Prepare yourselves for the bad news that will follow, although you can expect the Giants to put a positive spin on it. Eli will definitely miss some time, and possibly more.

Also, Boss' injury may be significant, as well. Stay tuned.

On a positive note, Tynes is feeling well today."


Don't know how credible that poster is, but lets hope he's just a jackass.

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NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning doesn't expect any surprises in MRI, hopes to practice Wednesday


By Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger

October 05, 2009, 2:48PM


Tom Coughlin said quarterback Eli Manning's injury is still a bruised heel, "until it's anything different, yeah."


Eli Manning is hurting. He’s sore, he had some swelling. But he said Monday his injured heel doesn’t hurt any more than it did after Sunday’s game, and that he’s hoping to practice on Wednesday.


Manning will have an MRI Monday afternoon, but he told reporters he doesn’t expect to learn anything more than he already knows: he has a bruised heel.


"I'm not nervous about the MRI. It's just something you have to do,” Manning said, indicating the procedure is just a precaution. “I don't think it's going to come back with new information that's going to make it seem worse than it is."


When asked if he’s been told it’s a “bruised heel,” coach Tom Coughlin said, “Until it’s anything different, yeah.”


Coughlin said the fact Manning doesn’t feel any worse than he did after the game is a good sign. Manning concurred.


“Hopefully, it just gets better every day,” Manning said.


Backup quarterback David Carr said he suffered a “very similar” injury right before training camp last year.


“They tried to call it plantar fasciitis, but it wasn’t that,” Carr said. “I don’t know. I don’t think they have a name for it. It’s just sore. You feel it in the back of your heel and kind of through your arch. It’s almost easier to be on your toes running around than it is to be on a full foot and flatten out your arch. … It was painful, it was uncomfortable. It’s probably about a 12-minute tape job every time you go out to practice. But I’m sure he’ll be all right.”


Carr said he probably could have toughed it out if he had to play a week after suffering the injury.


“But it’s going to be uncomfortable (for Manning),” Carr said. “It was uncomfortable for me for about 4-5 weeks. It was just sore. (Giants trainer) Byron (Hansen) had to tape me every day before practice and I said, ‘I’m so glad this doesn’t hurt anymore,’ about week three.”




LB Michael Boley has a “stiff knee,” Coughlin said, and he’s being sent for tests one day after having a terrific game against the Chiefs. We’ll see how


Source: The Star-Ledger

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from ralph v's twitter:



Giants confirm that Eli has "an injury to the plantar fascia." ... That is NOT the same as plantar fasciitis. There's a big difference.


An "injury" could be a one-time occurrence. "Plantar fasciitis" is a condition that develops over time, and could take months to heal



eli expects to practice wednesday and play on sunday

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Eli Manning listed as 'day to day' but Giants QB still eyeing Sunday start against Raiders



Eli Manning has been diagnosed with a plantar fascia injury in his right foot, and while he's officially listed as "day to day" he still sounds like he's playing against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon.


The Giants revealed the diagnosis a little while ago, and it's actually different than the "plantar fasciitis" Manning said he "technically" had, during his interview on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio in New York. The Giants said the MRI showed an injury, which they believe resulted from that ill-fated pass late in the game against the Chiefs on Sunday. It resulted, according to a statement released by the team, in "soreness and swelling in the heel/arch area on the bottom of his foot."


"Plantar fasciitis" is a condition that develops over time, which a team spokesman said is not the case with Manning, even though the quarterback did say on ESPN Radio that he has had some problems with his heel before.


Regardless, Manning said he was given no timetable for a recovery by Dr. Russ Warren, the Giants' team physician. Giants trainer Ronnie Barnes said in a statement that "Eli will continue to receive treatment, and he will be day to day as we prepare for Sunday's game."


His status apparently will depend on his pain tolerance and how quickly he can heal.


"The last time, with the shoulder, (the doctor) said I'd be out a month and I played the next week," Manning said, referring to the sprained right A-C joint he suffered in the 2007 opener. "(This time) he said ‘It's really just how fast you can heal."


The plantar fascia is the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot near the heel and the arch. Manning said that his pain is confined to the area by the heel, which the doctor told him was definitely good news.


"It's not as serious an injury as (the doctor) has seen before, where it's the whole foot that's hurting," Manning said. "It's just kind of a portion of it."


According to one report, Manning is planning to get a second opinion from Dr. Robert Anderson in North Carolina. However, the Giants said that is not true.


Regardless, Manning reiterated what he told reporters earlier in the day, that he has set a goal of practicing on Wednesday without limitations. He said the first question he asked the doctor was "Can I make this worse? If I go out and run tomorrow can I injure it more than it is now?"


Manning said that Dr. Warren told him "Anything is possible, but usually with this type of injury, whatever you did the first time is kind of as bad as it's going to be."


Manning did say that plantar fasciitis is "technically what they're calling it", and the confusion makes some sense because earlier in the day, his backup, David Carr, talked about how he suffered a similar injury just before training camp in 2008. Carr said "They tried to call it plantar fasciitis, but it wasn't that. I don't think they have a name for it. It's just sore."


Carr began that camp on the non-football injury list, but returned to play about a week in.


"It was painful," he said. "It was uncomfortable. It's probably about a 12-minute tape job every time you go out to practice. But I'm sure he'll be all right."




Source: NY Daily News

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