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Giants sign Ricky Seals-Jones


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9 hours ago, jranieli said:

Hopefully his hands are better than Engram. That's all I care about.

he's basically the same exact player as Engram. 

But he's (probably) much cheaper. I'm cool with it so long as he's under 2x league minimum. (his hit was $990k for WTF last season).

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I think this will be either his fifth or sixth team in as many seasons. He's shown flashes everywhere, going back to college. Highly recruited wide receiver in high school. Kept growing in college and became a man without a position. 

Basically, he is what Evan Engram should have been had we not had a succession of atrocious talent evaluators running the front office. 

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1 hour ago, Sephiroth said:

Whelp, 1/3 spots filled!

With our tight cap situation (again because we absolutely MUST have $23M invested in Bradberry, Barkley, and a one legged Nick Gates on this roster, and won't get rid of these guys), I think the idea is to have Ricky Seals-Jones, Chris Myarick, and probably a draft pick fill out the TE position.

Not saying this is good or anything, just trying to project what the roster might look like.

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Barkley is a waste of a space.  No sentiment.  Pick up running backs when you need them for a run.  It is the OL that usually makes a running back.  Most are not Walter Payton or Barry Sanders who can make their own yards.  They need road graders in front of them making holes.

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