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Get rid of Mara.


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Chris Mara that is.


Since John has made his brother Chris VP of player personal and scouting in 2011 this team has failed to develope any sort of core talent players since EA was putting the team together.


If we want to see any change John can't keep throwing the HC or GM under the bus.


He needs to start with the FO and Chris is the biggest offender of them all.

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Theres not one player on this team other than Jenkins that is nfl talent.

A bit too harsh dont you think? We have some very young talent.. Barkley, DJ, all those rookie CBs... granted we need a shit ton of players

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The Mara kids think theyre football people. They are lucky Dolan and Wilpon are in the same town


When they had to hire EA to look for a GM after Reese, you know Mara doesn't know a single fucking thing about football.


Which explains the MacAttack and now Shurmur hiring.


Honestly we don't have the 2007 and 2011 runs and we are one of the more pathetic franchises of the last 20 years.

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