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From here on out let us conduct ourselves with Dignity......


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We are finishing an improbable season filled with a roller coaster ride of winning streak and losing streaks'


We have indured injuries that would have buried most teams


We stand now with the possibility of becoming a Dynasty.....the possibility


I look at the way the Patriots conduct their business and think we should model ourselves after their deportment and success,

If this year marks the start of a dominant Giants team......my lifelong dream.


Lets drop the smack talk and audacity (I'm one of the worst offenders admittedly), and go to SFO on a high.


Strange things happen in Canddlestick Park but we should clear this hurdle too


Thanks for putting up with my rants all season, and lets go forward confident but respectful of the other 3 remaining teams.


May the best team win, and lets hope the officials here on out are competent and non-biased.



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so when do we start taping the 9ers practice? When do we throw hissy-fits on the field when the coaches get on you for making a bad play?


Conduct ourselves like the Patriots, that's funny.

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Model ourselves like the patriots??? Yeah right. Like how Brady made a kick on the 3rd down in the Denver game?? I like the way the giants are handling the whole thing. Maybe a little more less talking.


Overall most giants fans out there do talk some crap but which teams fan base dosent have one or two of those clown??? Maybe this forum spoile with all the humble fans.

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I think everyone adds something here and most of us talk Giants with class to begin with.


Even dudes like eggy and Italian hotdog are usually welcomed by me since they talk some good football from an unbiased perspective .


But yea Jack Go blue!! Let's do this!


All in!!

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No I meant the way the Patriots players keep it in the locker room......they act like they are above it all.

If we are going to go this route though someone has to put a muzzle on Jacobs and Rolle


As a fan on the GMB there are a lot of opponents fans that come on and try to flame the board.....its hilarious as to me that just shows fear.


We are................ THE TEAM NO ONE WANTS TO FACE LOL

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