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Butler officially gone


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Good Riddance, now if we can unload are other deadweight safety Michael Johnson, that would be awesome.



Are you kidding Storm?, seriously, Michael Johnson can be the Giants starter for years. Why do you think Butler wasn't even entertained by the Giants?

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Addition by subtraction....we never have to see one of his horrible angles to the WR ever again.


Butler was good in run support and is a good fit for a Spags system. He should be fine in St Louis, but he got a lot of money from them with virtually no competition for his signature. Good for him though, he's kinda lucky to be still in football.

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We forget Johnson single handedly (new word) saved at least one game this year with a game changing tackle.

He wiffed a quite a few more though. The kid has enthusiasm and potential but I'm not convinced he's stater material yet. I'll give him this season to continue improving though.

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