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Giants claim WR Thorpe


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With a name like Craphonso he must be on tough sun of a bitch. Seems decent:


In 5 games caught 12 passes for 70 yards and a touchdown, returned 15 kickoffs for 318 yards (a 21.2-yard average) and brought back six punts for 31 yards (5.2-yard average). He had a long kickoff return of 40 yards and a long punt return of 29 yards.
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Makes me feel alot better about my middle name.


My Old Man's middle name was MacBeth....LOL!!! He used to use his brother's first name (Maxwell) as his middle name. One time as a teenager I was downstairs in the basement with my father and his business partners. Rocco (Italian), Phil (Jewish), Harry (Puerto Rican) and Eddie (Black) and I made the mistake of telling them my Dad's middle name. After the laughter died down, I made sure I hid myself in my room for the rest of the weekend.


Yeah the G-Men seem to be stacked for comp at the WR position. :)

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