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  1. Why would he get killed? Pass protection has been decent.
  2. Might as well put Jones in. Get him some experience.
  3. Absolutely. I will say Shurmur is a really good players coach, and like you said he has the ship pointed in the right direction as far as culture as well. It's the play calling. Like WTH?? He has had me scratching my head quite a few times. Barkley should get more touches then the average back in the league. How it is he got about half those is just mind boggling. If I didnt know better Id say there was something wrong with Barkley that they are not sharing with us. He needs a good coordinator. I agree Shula sucks too, but honestly Id rather Shula call the plays over Shurmur from what we have seen. I have to imagine Shula at least understands they have a all star running back.
  4. There is something to be said about letting a rookie QB spend his time learning his first year. With Jones though, from what we have seen so far (aside from the fumbles) I think he is ready to at least be a serviceable QB at this level. Heck its entirely possible he comes out swinging
  5. Yeah I feel ya. Part of me definitely feels like Im calling for this a little to early. If this still looks as bad as it does right now by week 5, there will be no doubt in my mind letting Danny dimes start will be the right thing to do. I also agree the secondary was mostly about blown assignments. It was obviously so bad though, Im not sure how quickly it can be fixed. Baker did have a terrible game, but this kid only allowed one TD I believe His last year of collage. Im really starting to get concerned that Bettcher just doesnt know what he is doing. Same for Shurmur. The one thing I think we can take away here though, even if these kids had played well, without a pass rush, they were going to get eaten alive anyway. So Ill give them a pass for now. About your last point, Im torn on that one. Id like to think they will find a way to get after the QB. But I have serious doubts we have the talent at DE for that to happen. That isnt just based on last week, but from knowing they did next to nothing to replace guys like Vernon, and JPP. Those guys had talent, and like you said they still werent getting it done. How is this group ever gonna get there? Time will tell, but Im thinking DJ will or at least should be starting by mid season at least.
  6. Yeah that sounds about right. This being the case, better to Start DJ now, and have him gain some valuable experience. Then he can start next year hitting the ground running.
  7. Its a shame DJ wont see the field anytime soon. Maybe Im jumping the gun here, but it seems to me, with zero pass rush combined with the inexperience in the back field, its hard to imagine they wont be picking in the top 5 come the next draft. They should be letting him get his rookie mistakes over with now, in a rebuilding year. Why wait till next year when they might have a chance to have a winning season? This is not to say that DJ gives them the best chance to win. Nor am I saying Eli cant play anymore. It would have been nice if the team as a whole was in a position to win more games then they are gonna lose. That Eli could ride off into the sunset with a chance to have a great season, or even walking away with another ring. Thats not gonna happen though. I say let DJ be tried by fire now, rather then later.
  8. Yeah. It just sucks having to sit through another year like this.
  9. This is the worst secondary play I have ever seen, wow
  10. He is playing. Soon they will be facing cap hell.
  11. Exactly Sep. This guy has thrown some great passes. Right on the money. Not only accurately but putting the receivers in position to get yards after the catch. Hitting them in stride. A few times under heavy pressure. I hate to jump the gun, but I'm really starting to believe this kid could really be special.
  12. My cousin sent me this, to funny. Daniel Jones official music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xCwjGjFqC0
  13. Let them all talk shit. We will see how long that lasts once he takes the field.
  14. No one has heard from him? When was the last time he stopped in?
  15. Well thats just great!! Franchise is officially screwed. Smh what a imgrate
  16. I dont think thats gonna be an issue. The kid stood and took many hits while delivering some nice passes in college. Hopefully he wont have to prove himself to much in that department though lol
  17. I think this offense is going to be really good. With of course Barkley being the X factor. First half of the season the D is gonna have some growing pains, but should be much improved by the second half. I don't know if it will be enough to get a wild card, but even if not, this year will be at least a big step towards dominance on both sides of the ball for next year. I just hope they don't go blowing all that upcoming cash on a Eli extension.
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