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  1. It sure does. Why the hell would a millionaire commit armed robbery? This makes zero sense
  2. Personally I have little doubt. I can’t wait to watch this kid grow into the position.
  3. I remember going to a Giants practice few years back. O’Hara walked right past me as they were coming off the field. OMG the guy was a beast. Very intimidating looking.
  4. I know I’m gonna catch hell for this one, but I used to really like Omar Stoutmire(sp?). The guy hit like a truck, and caused several fumbles. I remember defending him a lot, while it seemed like everyone I talked to hated him.
  5. lol I didn’t know I had it in me. Soon as I touched the keyboard it just flowed. Almost like I was channeling from a higher power. I knew right away something special was happening. How have you been Chuck?
  6. He should have. This will end up being a blemish on a long successful career. Whatever, it will be funny to watch.
  7. Technically yes, but he identifies as a 8 year old white girl. With Daddy issues.
  8. Not a great signing, but could prove worth it. He has experience in several O-line positions, so he could end up starting. Probably should have signed him for two years
  9. That’s true. We might not know what we have in any player on the roster right now.
  10. I expect the first half of the season to be rough. 0-4 is certainly a possibility. This is gonna take time. I think best we can hope for is improvement towards the end of the year, and hopefully hit the ground running next year.
  11. Yeah. Personally I’m ready to move on, but right now might not be the best time to do that. I doubt it, but if they can get a third round pick for him, I say pull the trigger though. With his injuries I doubt they’d get a third. Obviously what happens in FA could change the situation.
  12. Yeah Becton is a freak. He has a lot to learn, but like you said a guy his size if coachable would be a mauler. I think they could drop as far as 3 to 4 spots and still get him.
  13. JayD

    Ogletree cut

    With Engram only able to play 5-10 games a season, this will create yet another big hole they have to fill. Maybe they should consider bringing in Whitten as a back up. He had better numbers than Ellison last year.
  14. I hated the idea when I first heard he was hired. Was totally baffled. The more I hear from him though the more I’m intrigued. Imagine how great it will be if he really pulls off all the things he talks about. We have a damn 38 year old Belichick.
  15. That was my first thought. We gave way more then that to bag Eli. If they believe that kid is their future QB they need to give up a third this year and a first next. Assuming they start that new QB chances are that first round pick next year will be high
  16. JayD

    Eli retiring

    Obviously this is the ending of an era. He wasn’t perfect, but gave us many amazing moments. The guy was a warrior, made of iron. It was great watching this kid grow, and become a champion. Beating impossible odds doing it. Thank You Eli.
  17. He had 63 catches last year for almost 600 yards. He probably didn’t prepare in the offseason the same way he normally would have either being he came on late. I think we can squeeze one to two more productive years out of him if he decides to play. He’d probably come pretty cheap too. I’d love to see Witten in blue. He is one of those all class kinda guys who even though you hate to play against him, he is very hard to hate as a person. If he didn’t play and only came to coach tight ends, that would be great too.
  18. JG identifies as a black guy. Sometimes a Asian 8 year old girl. So does Joe Judge. We have a freaky pitch black trio.
  19. Man I remember as a kid I wanted them to hire him as QB coach when he retired as a back up QB. Was hopeful he’d move up the chain as well. I remember thinking when Dallas took him on as OC that we wasted an opportunity. Better late than never.
  20. I’m fine with him as OC. I think this is a good move.
  21. I knew we’d be having some fun with the name Joe Judge.
  22. JayD


    Dude Danny Dimes? Dude? Lol never mind.
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