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  1. Yes they will have to play football. Bettcher definitely has his work cut out for him. Losing Vernon, regardless of his insane contract will hurt during the games he would have actually played. They are going to have to get creative, and hope that end from the cardinals works out.
  2. If the Giants can find a way to rush the passer, no one here is gonna miss Odell.
  3. He did call out his QB while on the team. Heck he has taken a couple indirect swipes at him since he left. When asked directly, two months after being paid the highest in league history for WR, he wouldnt even say he wanted to be in NY. Directly asked mind you. The defense of this clown is mind boggling.
  4. Mmm the guy pretended to piss on the field like a dog. I dont need any player or writer to tell me hes a head case.
  5. I think he is a jerk. I hope Eli takes us deep into the playoffs, then Jones does the same thing the year after. And I hope Odell is watching it all from his couch.
  6. I don't think you are stupid BG. I'm not in denial of anything. I haven't defended Odell in any way. Though comparing him to TO, when you really look at what both of them have said and done, it just doesn't compare. And I cant stand Odell. Personally I'm more then ready to move on from Odell.
  7. He is that stupid, and dont call him Shirley. That was my best airplane parody.
  8. I am starting to feel a little man crush. Does that make me gay?
  9. I got no hard feelings, and have good memories from when he use to play. That last year he was reaching a level seldom seen. I bet he has a lot of regrets. If he could have just kept quiet and supported his QB and coach, he probably would have a ring right now, and walked away one of the most beloved and respected Giant of all time. Its a shame.
  10. Obviously till we see him in a few games, there isnt much to form a good opinion. Im definitely more excited to see though then I was when he was first drafted. A few players are going out of their way to praise him. Guess that could just be what they are expected to say though. My hopes are high.
  11. Thats what you got out of my comment?
  12. Maybe, but its close. The guy mocked a territorial pissing as an end zone celebration.
  13. I didnt bring up the analogy lol, I just ran with it.
  14. Yeah like being the highest paid WR in league history. You want to win games, or break wide receiver records? At his price you cant have both.
  15. Honestly I dont even care. Far as Im concerned the guy was already a low class POS long before this little comment. Im ready for him to be a distant memory.
  16. It would be if Tate was all like, I have to get used to a QB with accuracy. As if he has never had that before.
  17. Clearly he was saying Eli had a weak arm. Its strange this needs to be pointed out. The guy is an asshole. Total head case. Good riddance.
  18. If hes as smart, and can throw as well, hes gonna be better than Eli. The kid is fast too. Ive seem him out run corners to the end zone
  19. I feel that. I dont think they are gonna resign Eli though. Not unless he has some amazing run and falls just short of super bowl glory. I cant see Eli signing a cap friendly deal either.
  20. I was in agreement with most on the subject, till I saw that interview. Smh it was a train wreck. He might not have wanted to be a leader, but I think its just natural that many of the other players looked up to him. Ive seen him many times trying to rally the troops on the sideline.
  21. Its a no brainer to me. The Giants gave him all a team could give a single player. And the POS couldnt even say he wanted to be here when asked directly? He should have been talking about naming his first son after DG. What do think that does for a locker room? Knowing your number one guy, the leader of your team, doesnt even want to be there? F that guy. Have fun in Cleveland, said no one. Ever.
  22. Especially if these new defensive players live up to their potential. Like you said, in a year or two this ship may really be turned around.
  23. I dont know much about this guy, but he has to be an improvement over Wheeler. Good to see the Vikings were trying to keep him, instead of just letting him walk. I cant wait to see what Barkley can do with a line that can actually block. I could see him breaking some single season records.
  24. I hope I am too. From what I can tell, without him ever taken a snap in the NFL so far, looks to me like we might have a mobile Eli. The way I figure, the kid is ours now, so might as well give him full support and hope for the best.
  25. Maybe they should let the kid take a snap or two before they start firing people.
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