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  1. Thats what I thought last year, but it still didnt matter. This game is won in the trentches. Its just how it is. This year should be better, and if Getty picks the right linemen for both sides with all those mills next year, our new QB should be in a great situation to succeed.
  2. Yeah that sounds about right. I would have supported dropping Eli and his insane contract three years ago no problem.
  3. Yeah cause we all know how great this team has been since Odell got here. Has been a major difference maker with the one humiliating wild card round where he completely blew it. The one year he actually made it through a season. I know I'm gonna miss things like the mock dog pissing in the end zone. The guy is a complete head case. How much cap space did this guy take up?
  4. F Odell. Even in this interview he said he told Baker Mayfield he wished he was his QB before this trade ever took place. The guy has no sense of loyalty. He couldnt even commit to saying he wanted to be in NY just after they made him the highest paid WR in league history. And this is coming from a guy who cant get through a season without getting hurt. And why? Cause other players in the league hate him so much that they basically try to kill him every time he gets tackled. Im glad he is gone. Heck last year Eli played better without him on the field. With all the new additions to the defense, and the improvements on the O-line,I for one am excited about this season. Eli seems to have a fire lit under his ass to finish strong in his last season. I see no reason, with the easier schedule, to not believe they have a good chance to make the playoffs. Gettleman did the right thing.
  5. http://www.goduke.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?clip=5912718&db_oem_id=4200
  6. I think the Giants have a decent chance of having a better record then Philly. No more Foles to bail you out.
  7. Personally I hope they can stack the defensive line in this draft. That will make up for a lot of the overall defenses weaknesses. Id take the best DE with the first pick. Best Olinemen with 17, then if there is another good DE with the second round pick. Hopefully there will be a great right tackle at pick 17. Though I guess this strategy still leaves us hanging at QB. So I dont know.
  8. Moving up two to three spots Id imagine would cost more then a second round pick. I agree with Sep. it would be awesome to get a ligit pass rusher of Allens caliber, but they need all the draft picks they can get. Especially high in the second round.
  9. Well no, I guess not. That was really more of a fluke then anything. Point taken.
  10. When did so many people become Odell fans over being Giant fans? And why? Its not like we havent sucked for 90% of his stay in NY. I mean does anyone really think giving a wr a 95 million dollar contract was gonna equal putting together a great team? There is a reason we have been in cap hell for so long, and that contract made it way worse.
  11. https://youtu.be/Bv9KSa-vkAY
  12. We didnt have a bunch of superstars in 2011. Heck had statistically one of the worse defenses in the league. The guy who basically won the game for us was a mid talent wr who had one spectacular play.
  13. Exactly, and between Landry and Chubbs there is only so many balls to go around. Is he gonna start throwing a fit when he isnt reaching 1200 yards and 10 TDs his first season with them? I dont know, for me, soon as I saw that he was hesitant to even say he wanted to be in NY, after the risk this team made for him giving that contract, well, f that guy. Good riddance.
  14. I feel ya Tree, I felt the sting myself the first 24 hours. Till my cousin showed me the interview he did with little Wayne. Or whatever his name is. Well he hasnt done jack shit for us. The one game where he had a chance to start a real legacy, he totally blew it. Heck even last year they played much better without him. The guy just isnt a team player. None of what I said was gossip. He directly said everything I mentioned. Im just choosing to stay positive. There is reason to be so, even if its a long shot. I see no reason to believe OBJ would have even completed the season. He only has once since hes been here. Let alone thinking his presence would equal a playoff spot.
  15. For the record, I think the Giants definitely have a chance to compete this year. Oline is improved. Several of those guys were really starting to play better, and they added a stud guard. Secondary is much improved. If they end up drafting a stud DE, and that guy from AZ works out, then this defense is looking much better then last year. They have 3 picks in the first two rounds, all of which possibly could be nfl ready right now. And we have no idea what the QB situation is gonna look like. How many of us thought we were screwed when Tiki, who turned into Superman his last year, left after talking all kinds of shiz? That worked out pretty damn good.
  16. Well in fairness Tate wasnt the youngest guy they brought in. Peppers I think is going into his third year, and that DE they brought in from AZ is only like 4 years in I believe. Sure he is a project, but certainly has a lot of potential. I think folks need to get over the OBJ thing. He didnt want to be in NY. He was talking trash about the other players including Eli. Just a few months after signing him to a massive unheard of contract, he straight said hed rather be playing on the west cost. Bottom line, when things arent going well he couldnt be counted on to be a leader. Even worse, he was quick to contribute to the problems. Far as Im concerned the guy is a POS. Why should any fan show any loyalty towards a player who after given more money then he will ever know what to do with cant even commit to the idea of wanting to be part of this team? The Browns did us a favor, and not to wish any ill will towards them, but I think they are going to end up regretting taking him on as much as the Giants regretted it.
  17. I think it had more to do with that interview where he basically said he didnt want to be in NY, and was throwing everyone under the bus.
  18. I think he is doing just fine, contrary to all the negativity
  19. On my phone so its hard to link, but I guess its a done deal.
  20. All I can think is they promised him the world if he works out this year. They will have plenty to resign him if he comes up big.
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