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  1. Yeah this guy seems interesting. Another big unknown, but one things for sure, things are going to change on defense, and really it can’t get any worse. will probably take at least half the season to see if he is any good.
  2. Yeah, guess ya really can’t judge, pun intended, from his one year stint there. Just wish there was something in this shake up where we can say that this is definitely a good thing. So many unknowns. This is another big one.
  3. Really? I was far more interested in the new DC. This offense was at least able to score points. The D needs to be straightened out far more than the offense.
  4. Miami’s Defense was horrible.
  5. Ok so after seeing Joes interview I feel a little better about it. I’m sure my optimism will grow the closer we get.
  6. I hope I can get where you are Iceman. I see a few good coaches were at one time special team coaches. I don’t have a problem with that. My thing is that he went straight to the top from there. That to me is crazy.
  7. I hope you are right man. I hate to be the downer. Just seems to me there were a couple guys that had much better experience. Seems really odd to pass them by for a totally unproven guy.
  8. How the hell did he even get an interview?
  9. I’m waiting to see the coordinators, but I’m not happy about his hire at all. This reeks of desperation. I usually find a way to be optimistic, but now I’m thinking it will be at least another 3 to 5 years before this team even has a winning record. I mean really? A guy who’s entire coaching career consists of being a special teams coach? As the head coach of the NY Giants?? SMH this is fucking retarded.
  10. Better yet, a strong black women. She can also make the guy’s sandwiches.
  11. Na, they just need a great coach. Whatever color he may be.
  12. Yeah they didnt bother to show up at all. Plus we got drenched. We were right under the big met life sign, so the rain would like gather on it and drip these massive drops of water directly on us. Would have been more than worth it if they had won. But no,,, The end of the first half was fun though, down by 17, and came within 3. I thought we were gonna stomp em out from there, but again, no.
  13. Kick ass. I finally get to see him in real life. Anyone else going to this game?
  14. I was just saying to a friend this morning that we are one really good DE away from this line being scary. Should try to extend Golden ASAP. Plenty of cap space coming up soon to do it.
  15. Perhaps not, but the point still stands. A team can evolve over a season. Sure they might not make it to the show, but I think most of us would be more than happy with a playoff appearance. Now that may be a fools dream, but right now its still possible. Right now its much more possible than what we saw after the first two weeks.
  16. They couldnt in 07 either, till they could.
  17. Exactly. F that. When you have a QB who has shown the things Jones has, regardless of the rookie mistakes, no game is unwinable. You dont stop fighting till its over.
  18. Man this really sucks. Kid came out of nowhere as a damn 5th round pick, and as a rookie he's played amazing. Oh well, I just hope he can make a full recovery and be back next year.
  19. I was at this game. Really fun to watch. It was my 7 year old boys first game ever. He had a blast. I thought by halftime he was gonna be a pain in the ass. Nope, the kid was rooting hard for the Giants the whole game. He can hardly speak this morning lol. Good times.
  20. I wonder if there was bad blood between Flowers and old team mates? I can see him hating on the fans, but why wish ill will on your old team mates? Anyhow, the skins looked like total trash. Last thing Flowers should be worrying about is our win/lose record.
  21. Im personally glad hes gone. But I gotta admit watching him with this new QB would have been interesting, to say the least.
  22. Yeah that was one for the memory books.
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