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  1. I stand corrected. Where did they rank in getting QB pressure?
  2. Tampa was a top 10 defense before that game started. I believe 9th if I remember correctly.
  3. Yep, I was fine with a loss also. The QB performance was enough for me. Knowing this kid was gonna be the guy from here on out was more than enough to get excited. Then when they won it was just gravy.
  4. I dont think the season is saved either, but I dont think that it still cant be. Like I said in the other thread, if DJ can pull a few more wins out of his ass like last week, maybe it gives the defense enough time to start to become serviceable. We dont need this D to be great, they just have to find a way to not get as abused as they have been. Last two games in the second half, they have shown some flashes showing it might be possible. Jones cant take the same amount of hits he has taken, but only one of the fumbles was his fault. The second one is the same type that happens to the best of them. If he got the ball off one second earlier, you could probably add 40 yards to his total. He was about to drop another bomb on Tampas D. Luckily this week he shouldnt have to take as many hits. Washingtons front 7 isnt as good as Tampas is. Im excited to see how this plays out.
  5. This is true, we did have the better team. But I dont think there is a person here who after they dropped that bomb to Evans thought we were gonna win. I know I figured that was the final nail in our coffin. Heck before that drive even started I was certain they were gonna make it to field goal range. The D was just that bad. But you are right, it isnt that we should have lost, because we won.
  6. Yeah I had this one down as a win even before last weeks game.
  7. How could they not? Dimes has breathed new life into this team, and fan base. Sure they should have lost that game. But the fact they were even in position to win by taking advantage of one mistake is huge. This is a team that wants to fight for a full 60. Now this could all deflate real fast, but I for one am gonna ride this wave as far as it goes.
  8. Didnt we have one of the worst defenses in the league in 2011? If DJ can pull a few wins out of his ass like last week, and the D can start to come together, this season may not be over just yet. In which case soon as Barkley is cleared, he needs to play.
  9. I was perplex when they picked Jones, but I reserved judgement. After watching some film, I began to be a supporter. Now Im pretty sure we have a damn warrior to lead this team. A guy capable of carrying the game on his shoulders if he has too.
  10. He didnt look like any rookie I ever saw. Kid was amazing
  11. Just checking out the odd stats. DJ is 1-0 after trailing by 18 points. Eli never came back after being down by that much. With no run game, and a weak defense no less.
  12. I'm not pumping anything G, I'm riding this wave to Met Life next week where I'm gonna watch his first home game. Where I fully expect him to stomp some red skin ass.
  13. Wow Danny fuckin Jones. We have a warrior my friends. Kid is the real deal
  14. Smh that sucks. He is probably our best WR. Him and Jones seem to be on the same page as well, from what little we saw. Did they say how long he is out?
  15. Well I for one would rather we didnt have a WR who would most likely get inside our rookie QBs head and destroy his confidence. BTW our under achieving safety is in his first year in a totally new system. Maybe we could give him a little more then two games before we label him a bust. After seeing Odells continued ridiculous reactions to being traded, I dont understand how anyone could conclude that he isnt a head case. Never mind all the stupid shit he did while he was with the team. The guy is bat shit crazy.
  16. And they will return to those days. Hopefully with someone who doesnt think their name is bigger then the logo. If you cant see the difference between all these players you mentioned and Odell, then you just havent been paying attention. When you have a cancerous tumor, you cut it out. Afterwards you celebrate its removal. You dont complain that its gone. That is stupid logic.
  17. Yeah you guys are right. Remember the good old days when Odell had us winning all those games? Oh wait
  18. Last thing DJ needed was that head case bitching about his rookie mistakes. Let it go.
  19. I was watching some YouTube channels that do Giants videos. Lots of those guys were practically crying. With tons of comments agreeing with them.
  20. Will never forget Eli and what he has meant to this team. I can hardly remember what its like not having a solid QB. Its been a very long time since then. Hopefully Jones can build that same confidence in the fan base as Eli did. At least in his first 11 years. I feel bad for him that they werent able to put a good team around him in his final year. Going out like this sucks. Aside from that though I think some folks are taking the Eli pity party a little to far. The guy is retiring as a future hall of famer, with two rings and many millions of dollars. Thanks for the great memories Eli. You will always be a champion in my mind.
  21. I dont think anyone is in any danger of being tossed. With all the young talent, and now a 22 year old QB, I think this move just bought everyone two years before heads start rolling. Hopefully things will get turned around by then. I have high hopes for Jones. Like its been said, there will be growing pains. Im crossing fingers though that this kid comes out swinging. I think thats totally possible.
  22. Eli isn't necessarily the reason they are losing, but he isn't doing much to help them win either. Like it's been pointed out, this team has sucked for a long time. Continuing to play Eli is going to get the exact same thing they have been putting on the table for the last 5 years. Putting in Jones now is a win win situation. Either he is going to begin getting the experience he is going to need for the start of next year, or best case scenario, he comes out swinging, and maybe wins a few games. We wont know till he is on the field, but a small part of me is thinking DJ could bring a much needed spark to this offense.
  23. That's what makes this year particularly bad. No pass rush with a bunch of kids in the back field. It's all up hill from here.
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