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Shepard signing with the Bucs.

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4 hours ago, mastershake said:

Reunited with Mayfield I suppose.

Had to look into that, didnt know they were college teammates, good catch.

3 hours ago, jranieli said:

good for him

I honestly thought we were going to hear about him retiring or coming back to the Giants as a assistant coach, like you said good on him for finding a team.

With the talent there he'll be able to fill into that slot/third down WR nicely.

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On 6/16/2024 at 9:49 AM, NeMesiS said:

What a major disappointment this dude ended up to be...

Him and odell missing those 2 sure shot TD passes in the GB playoff game after the boatride....damn!! that was Eli in the zone in the game....the team let him down

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9 hours ago, Iceman_NYG said:

I swear....everything that year pointed to us making another SB run - until the fucking boat ride and these bums shitting the bed against the Packers

I have blotted that out of my mind.  There are four missed opportunites for Super Bowl runs in my Giants fandom since 1968 and this is one of them.  Flipper Anderson of the Rams catching a TD and running into the locker room during the playoffs ending the game; the meaningless Al Toon Jets TD that knocked the Giants out of the playoffs; the Plaxico shooting his hip and the Mayor Michael Bloomberg over reaction that cost the Giants a Super Bowl run and probable win; and that fucking boat ride at the wrong time.  That boat ride could have come after an NFC Championship Game.  That ostentatious horseshit that Beckham was probably used to in college had no place in professional rankings at that time and place.  Rolling over for the hated Pack My Ass sure was not needed then.  Take the boat ride before the Super Bowl to let off some steam and to get back into the game.  They would need a short trip before a Super Bowl if they had a two week hiatus that year.  We just have to look forward bro.  At least half of these opportunities IMHO would have been Super Bowl wins... :jerkoff::giants::chair:

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