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Will Hernandez tests positive for COVID


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2 hours ago, mastershake said:

Go home Will Hernandez. You're drunk. Let's see what Shane Lemieux can do.

Yep much like Thomas it's time for the kid to face the fire.

Shame we didn't have to do that to the rookie but welcome to the NFL.

Funny too just read an article about how Lemieux is still a ways off due to his awful pass blocking. 

But hey how much worse can it get? 

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9 hours ago, Iceman_NYG said:

Wait - the line has been sent home? You mean they were playing all this while????

We are going from be starting guys like Slade and TE Tioloiiololo at guard and tackle this game.

Literally every Oline player is being told to isolate lol  

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