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Who do we bring in at RB ?


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Lets face it Gallman is solid but we need to bring in a decent experienced vet to help DJ

( I cant see Penny or Hilliman being any real help )

So do we go with CJ Anderson or Ajayi ?

Do we consider bringing back Darkwa perhaps ?

Are there any other options ?

What do you reckon


Regards UK

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Ajayi is terrible.



As a guy who used to play fantasy, I can tell you that this is 100% correct.


Ajayi will have 4 games with 45 yards, then one game with close to 300 and everyone will be talking about how he averages 100 yards a game.

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That David Montgomery looks to be a good back though, and Cohen is good as well.

True, Cohen has been limited even as a pass catcher, which I find odd considering he can turn a 5 yard catch into a 70 yard score.

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He is only 62.....but the fucker is Magic and the gold standard for "washed up" late seasons acquisitions.




Drop a dime to Synder and see what he wants for AP. ...not like they are using him.


C. Wagon

AP is still in the league?

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