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Rounds 2 & 3 discussion - Best still available


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Should be a really fun night. One big surprise is Cam Robinson falling out of the first round. I think the gun incident was a big factor. Foster slid all the way to 31 as well. I'm not even surprised that Jarrad Davis went ahead of him (11 picks ahead, at that).


Dalvin Cook slid out of the first round as well, also no surprise to me. Too much noise with this guy, but such an unreal talent. Forrest Lamp, Malik McDowell, Caleb Brantley, and Chris Wormley still on the board.


A guy I really love is Demarcus Walker. I could've easily seen him go in the first, even though others have a third round grade. He really changed some games. FSU was getting their asses handed to them by Ole Miss, and Walker really turned the tide in that game, he absolutely dominated the Ole Miss line in the 2nd half. He blocked the kick for the game-tying extra point against Miami with seconds to go in the game, securing the victory for Florida State. I think he can be an outstanding 3-Tech or he can play DE. He reminds me a little of Bruce Smith.


Will be interesting to see where Joe Mixon goes tonight also. Lots of really good cornerback talent still on the board like Chidobe Awuzie and Kevin King, who I thought was a for sure first round guy.


I really love ArDarius Stewart. I don't think the Giants will take another receiver tonight, but I think he's going to be a great player.


For OL help, Feeney, Dorian Johnson, Moton, the aforementioned Lamp and Cam Robinson, as well as Antonio Garcia. But the guy I really like here (outside of Cam Robinson), is Dion Dawkins. Would be fantastic if he were to fall to 87.

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There appear to be decent OL still available. I'd like Dion Dawkins ideally (2nd round), or Isaac Asiata (3rd, might be a reach in the 2nd, but I wouldn't be upset). I don't think we find a LT in this draft, but we can really beef up the right side (seems to be some intriguing RG and some RT prospects).

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Agreed, V. I think if Cam Robinson falls to 55 (which I don't see happening), you have to take him there. But if not, then one of Wormley, Demarcus Walker, Caleb Brantley, I think those guys are strong considerations. Malik McDowell is another guy, but I think the Giants aren't going to want him because of the reports I've read concerning his character/work ethic. Montravious Adams and Dalvin Tomlinson are perhaps 3rd rounders.

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Of course I'd love Kevin King, Zach Cunningham, Tyus Bowser, Forrest Lamp, Quincy Wilson, Cam Robinson, or Dalvin Cook, but I think those guys will all be gone.


I have to admit I'm a little intrigued with Curtis Samuel. Reminds me a little bit of Reggie Bush, and I love how he was lined up as a RB/WR/H-back in college. I could see lots of interesting pairings with Engram with one or both starting out in the backfield, shifting into the slot or vice-versa.


i'd also be OK with Dion Dawkins.

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I'd love to grab Lamp but I doubt he is there when the Gints pick.


A guy like Tim Williams would be interesting, basically Floyd that we couldnt grab last year just more NFL ready.


King would be a great pick up but I doubt he's there as well.


Garcia would be starting at RT for the Gints after a year or two, or could even take the job away from Flowers.


Some DT talent there as well, McDowell, Ogun or whatever his name is.


A guy in the third round I think the Giants should grab is DT D.J Jones, seems like one of those athletic monsters JR likes to grab.

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Somehow I missed it, but I guess Caleb Brantley was arrested for punching a woman... really hard, a la Mixon. He will probably fall a long way, maybe go undrafted.

Miss the good old days where smacking a bitch around gained you draft position

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