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Giants Sign Safety Brandon Meriweather

Mr. P

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I don't have a problem at all with his being signed. Seems the defense needs a little oomph. As long as (1) it's not reckless to the point of getting torched and (2) well, it's within the confines of our defense...I love the intensity.


Seriously, I don't mind having a headhunter on the back end of our defense. Sure, it might cost a 15 yard penalty or it might get him ejected/suspended given his history...but how many WRs will slow their routes into the middle of the field, how much offensive timing will be thrown off because WRs know he's there, etc. I think that his being back there will pay off. Coaches will need to coach him on when to take those kind of chances and when not to. If I'm Spags, I'm not restricting his intensity one bit...but I would let him know when to unleash it. If we're up in a game, cool it and don't give them an opportunity. If we're down in a game, it's getting late, or it's a division opponent...all bets are off and headhunt all you want.

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I'm really not sure. I thought he was either cut or not resigned by the Redskins. I find it difficult to believe that his headhunting tendencies scared off 32 teams. He is also 31 or something like that, so age may have played into it.


I'm watching the Seahawks/Kam Chancellor situation too. Given he's holding out, I'm wondering what the Seahawks would want as far as a trade goes. Of course, we'd have to pay him well, but would he accept Antrel Rolle level money? Would Seattle take a 3rd rounder? I've read absolutely nothing to show that Seattle would be willing to part with him, but if the holdout continues....who knows.

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He can be as crazy as he wants on the field. Just don't cost us any stupid flags

Yeah, that's the job of the offensive line. Nothing gets me pissed like nice play being called back for holding by the line.

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