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The Dream Team is now Team Dynasty


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I know this isn't really big news. But after all the expectations last year and the foot in the mouth of Vince Young, you would've thought Vick would've learned to not set expectations for the team like this. Now they are going to be a dynasty.




Vick is a moron.


"When I think about the talent on this team", he says.


Really? What about the talent on the other teams in the division? Like the one that just one the dad-gum Super Bowl? Think they feel pretty good about their talent?


I seriously hope we crush Vick and the Eagles. I want this dude to suffer, man. I want a season-ending injury early. Hopefully by someone like Tuck, Joseph, or JPP. Just crush that d-bag. Not that classy, I know, but I still don't like that bastard.

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Yeah, it's pretty remarkable how senseless and out of touch Vick must be to let those words roll out. We all know Vick is an idiot. And we can all smile at the fact that the Eagles hitched their horse to Vick's cart.


I can't see the Eagles winning a championship with Vick. I just don't. And frankly, I hope Vick plays just good enough for them to keep him around long enough to waste half of McCoy's and Jackson's careers.

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Good Point Vick is just good enough (as is Romo) to keep their jobs and keep them out of our way............they are the "Kerry Collins" of their generations


Proving yet again STATS are for LOSERS...........LOL

This made me LOL. Like, for real and shit. :LMAO:
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On paper the Eagles are ready to soar. It's a dog-fight in the NFC east as usual.




It's gonna be tough to win this division.


Funny how the eagles sign a couple of big contracts and they believe they can just sit there and the rings just automatically place on their fingers.


The Eagles got it like that. :P

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