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  1. They still have a chance here 😂ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚ brilliant color commentator.
  2. 😂 Exspecially! Yeah Romo's a genius. GTFO 😂😂😂
  3. Dont catch me, dont catch me 😂 That's your boy? 😂😂😂
  4. Oh wow, he totally got that wrong... again. Oh wow 😂😂😂
  5. Maybe "oh wow hits your sweet spot, but I think the dudes eggs are scrambled
  6. Theismann and Dierdorf were spot on for MNF
  7. Dungy, Carter, etc... Romo fucking sucks bro
  8. Dierdorf, Sims, Tiki, Ditka, Cowhewr, even Balldinger is better than Romo.
  9. Fouts, Gifford, even Michael's is better than Romo. Btw, I just drank. "Oh wow we've been here a lot"
  10. You cant be serious? We play a drinking game and drink everytime he says "Oh Wow!" 😂
  11. That could be said in a lot of playoff games, what I see is a competitive kid in his NFL infancy doing everything he can to get the W. I think its respectable and admirable.
  12. Looking like Allen will either make you eat crow or throw the int
  13. I dunno, I think he did well. His O line let him down, or the Texicans are just that good on D
  14. Washington has Rivera and Del Rio now. They wont be in the NFCE basement much longer.
  15. Looks like Allen is doing pretty well to me.
  16. I'm pretty sure the Garret ship set sail last week. The one thing I'm holding onto is JJs ego wont let him turn the team over to his son and until that happens, everybody in the NFCE will benefit.
  17. Smh, with all the smack talk going on during the game on The Score, I thought mongo was the second coming of JC himself.
  18. And? You dont think the Giants owe him at least that?
  19. Who the fuck is Boston Scott anyway? I'd never heard of him b4 tonight 😂😂😂
  20. Nobody covered Scott or Goeddard. As I said, this was a dog n pony show to get value for Mongo in the off season
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