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Here we go, again


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  • Champion Giants won't be back; Eagles, Cowboys will duke it out
    When the 2011 season ended, the Giants were covered in confetti, celebrating a dynamic Super Bowl XLVI win in Indianapolis. Yet before the finale, they were in the same position as so many -- fighting for an invitation to postseason play. The G-Men earned it by beating the Cowboys on the season's last day, and the rest is history.
    But the margin of error in the NFC East hasn't changed, and Dallas and Philadelphia will be much improved. Coach Tom Coughlin's team was a great story. But the Cowboys will replace them in the playoffs in 2012. And not to be out-done, the Eagles will find a spot as a wild-card team, too.

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I think the Cowboys offseason was better than some may think...making quiet moves to build their team...much in the way the Giants have been doing for years.


But it's the Redskins that seem to be the dark horse per se. They beat us twice last year and are primed to get their franchise QB. They have a decent running game and their defense isn't bad. They'll obviously go as far as Griffen takes them, but should he pan out...the Redskins could be a team to watch out for. My gut says that they'll not make the playoffs this year, but finish in the middle of the pack and make the playoffs handedly in 2013


The Giants though, are in their prime. They have as much of a chance as the other 3 teams.

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