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Spagnuolo interviewing with Rams today


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I think if the Rams go in another direction we may be able to keep him. But I have a bad feeling about this one. Anyways, I thought the Rams were going to retain Haslett?


I thought Gilbride interviewed for the Raiders HC yesterday, but I think actually he is also interviewing with Big Al today.



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Saw this on Rotoworld.


Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has reportedly demanded control over the 53-man roster during his head-coaching interviews.

The NY Daily News suspects this is why Spags has fallen behind Rex Ryan on the Jets' wish list. It also may make Rams GM Billy Devaney more hesitant to hire Spagnuolo. St. Louis will host the blitz-happy coach on Thursday. Jan. 15 - 11:12 am et



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He's supposed to talk to the Lions again. If the Rams job falls through, he might get desperate and take that job.


That performance in the playoffs has hurt him terribly.



I was getting ready to say.....one and a half minutes of prevent at the end of the second quarter may have altered his life forever. I mean the man had a good defense despite the fact he lost a Hall of Famer; an all Pro; and a couple of capable free agents (Strahan, Osi, Mitchell and Wilson). And still almost pulled off a return to the big show.

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That is what they were saying on WFAN before. Interesting request. Glad he is adding that to his demands, more likely he stays for at least another season.



Yeah...not too many GM's these days are going to give that kind of power to a head coach unfamiliar with his new personnel who was a coordinator yesterday. I think there has been a lot of learning on what might work and what definitely will not work in the NFL of today. I think the Mangina destroyed a lot of possibilities for more control to those newly elevated to the position of HC.

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