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Sean Taylor shot !


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That's terrible news.


But given Taylor's track record, I have a hard time believing that this was just a simple burglary. I'm sure as news comes out that this story will become more complicated.



Not neccesarily so. Since he's become a father he's really changed his act.


Word is his house had been broken into a few times recently.


He may die from this. pretty sad.

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Poor guy, I pray he pulls through but it's sad that if he does, he prolly won't ever get to play football again. Who knows though, hopefully he can, he was an up and coming superstar for the Skins.

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I can't believe he's dead. I'm so sadden, so angry by this story I can't put it into words. I saw this kid play as a freshmen at Miami and prayed everyday for the Giants to draft him. I use to tape the Redskins just to watch him play. I haven't done that for a player not wearing a Giants uniform since Barry Sanders retired. Without question, one the most Physically gifted athletes I ever saw play football.


He should have gone to the Pro-Bowl in 2004 and 2005. Instead of that cocksucker, horse-tackling fag, who can't cover to save his life, peice of shit, Roy Williams.


RIP Sean Taylor

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I got about 10 text messages telling me about this when I woke up this morning. I watched Taylor play throughout college, even though it was as a rival. I wanted him the year we got Eli and was pissed when he was drafted by the Skins. He wasn't the greatest guy, but he was turning his life around ever since he became a father.


Rest in Peace, Taylor.



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