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  1. I like your skull! :P

  2. Like the new hairdo. :D

  3. Nesta

    One haaad niggga!

  4. I think I won the last won with "sokkker", but man it really took me a long time to put the whole thing together. I really can't spare that much time. Anyone else want to take over the duties? I'll still participate, but I just don't want to be left compiling the poll and the entries.
  5. Just waiting on jints to give me at least one contribution. He said he would, so I'll wait til the midnight cutoff.
  6. Haven't made it yet. It'll be up in the GD section from Friday to Monday. Voting will stop on Monday @ midnight. Maybe we can get So Cal to join the fray.
  7. I'm thinking as long as there's only a few of us participating, we can submit as many as you want. Provided we don't surpass the 25 limit for the poll.
  8. Are any of these your submissions or are you just warming up?
  9. Here are some photos you may want to use.
  10. SUBMISSIONS: 1. Everyone is welcome to submit an entry. 2. A maximum of two entries allowed per submitter. 3. Entries deadline is next Friday Night (06/16/2006) at midnight CST. 4. Entries should be Rated PG13 at the most. Keep it mostly clean. 5. Maximum image size: 1024 kilobytes 6. I will reply to every entry so that you'll know I got it. VOTING: 1. I will host the images on ImageShack®. and create a poll as close to the end of the submission period as possible. 2. Everyone will be encouraged to vote. 3. Voting will end at 11:59pm CST Monday (the next Monday). 4.
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