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  1. Man, I hope not, but it does seem unlikely to have no really special LB's on the field. Let's hope I'm wrong. I think the rest of the D unit looks pretty solid on paper.
  2. Somewhat difficult to expect a dominant D without a dominant LB. I'd say we're good, not great until that's solved.
  3. and the winner for the worst post of the summer thus far...is the same winner of the same award from many years and alternative sites from years past.
  4. that Spags comment isn't unwarranted at all... The early edition on the Coach Fool is worrisome. I don't like what I've hears and I don't think that it's a great pressure scheme to play that way. I'll take Spags any day over an of our DC's but Billy.
  5. I'll need to see him in action once before I get all fuzzy about him. Every preseason we we're hopeful even with the unmentionable DCs. I'm not sure if you can script takeaways all that easily in a secondary, seems more like a function of disguise and pressure. I'm hoping that Fewell is good at both, though I've read he's working on the disguising part.
  6. Maybe he thought he was jumping on Joe Montana, but LT he knew he was 16
  7. some people are scum bags and are always in trouble and some people are stand up guys and they are never in this kind of mix. My childhood idol is one of those scummy kind of guys. It' a shame really, I loved him on the field, but now his memorabilia is coming down. It's not that this particular incident is worst than all others, just that they keep coming. When given the choice to admire Phil for being great on and off the field for Lawrence for just on the field, I believe I'd rather look to old #11 for inspiration. People can debate the level of wrong in this, but the fact that a HOF'r is in this business at all means that he hasn't learned a damn thing over the past twenty years.
  8. I think eveyone's forgetting a little all-star named Brunner
  9. Holy shit, if this is true, does that mean that he has to be re-inducted as a Steeler?
  10. That's true, I overlooked that sacred status of the Sam Huff of the modern era.
  11. critiques of him due, but if he had been with us that season that he shot himself we had chances of repeating. After 87 it was the strike and in this one it was losing him that made an immediate impact on the offensive output of our team.
  12. Who plugged in the Stroudamatic 2000? It looks like the wheel stopped on Eli today. No worries, there are 53 men he'll be able to complain about come September.
  13. Great now we'll have to retire 7 different jerseys
  14. JR is as committed to not filling that role in a first rate manner as Fassel was at putting real talent on special teams.
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