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Kafka gone at end of season.


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Not sad given our offense.  Wasn't all his fault, but he isn't blameless either.

Could be writing on the wall for a new QB too.  Having a high pick, a solid LT, and a year to groom the new QB to take over are all big time selling points to get whomever you want.

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4 hours ago, BlueInCanada said:

Apparently Kafka's reps have told the Giants he won't return next year as OC.

Guess he is leaving for that HC gig in college. 

Praise all that is HOLY.  Please let him go to Division II or Division III and never see the pro game again.

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3 hours ago, BronxRik said:


WTF? I dont think Wink is going anywhere. With this shit roster, if anything Wink is getting the max out of this defense. Banks stats dont look that great in the last few weeks since he has been covering the WR1 - but i think thats the best thing to happen to Banks. Its not been great - but its not been Eli Apple bad either. If Wink doesnt get a HC gig, I think he is retained. Get Kafka outta here and I think Dorsey already has a foot in the door for the OC position.

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5 minutes ago, boohyah said:

Wink is a do or die coach. He runs the same plays whether he has the players or not and it got him tossed in Baltimore, when he was isolating rookie and backup corner. Harbaugh was going nuts.

:laugh: I love Wink... and you are right Wink is do or die.  High rewards and high losses on each throw of the dice...

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