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Great "Reese and Mac Adoo-doo Both Suck" article.


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I hope they do something different because the 1st week was disgusting. Nothing but negatives to take from that game.


At least we were relatively healthy. Jerry Palmieri's program would have had that exact same roster, but with three DBs on IR and two receivers out with quad injuries.

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And we would win a couple Super Bowls.



Not with that roster.


That was Coughlin's greatest attribute as a coach - the ability to get the most out of his roster and it's what I most miss with this regime. TC was fired after losing a lot of close games at the gun his last season (or two)....but too many people, here and in the front office (who caved to fan pressure), overlooked the fact that TC made the Giants competitive against good NFL teams without the benefit of an NFL caliber roster - especially defensively. If he had been the beneficiary of Reese's defensive free agent shopping spree, we would have made a run at another Super Bowl. No doubt in my mind.


And lets remember, in one of the Super Bowl seasons, the Giants were LAST in the NFL in rushing....and still found a way to win. TC knew how to overcome weaknesses and adversity - winning post season games,on the road, as underdogs, all the way to the Super Bowl. Twice.


I'm usually a patient, "give the coach a chance" sort of loyalist.......but I haven't seen any indication that our current coach has the ability to work around weaknesses and make the team greater than the sum of their parts, as TC did.....and I have to admit, I'm getting a little worried that he may be out of his depth.

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McAdoo doesnt seem like a very good HC or a very good offensive coordinator. TC always was met with extreme resistance and adversity wherever he went - even JAX. But he ultimately won them over - and for a good reason. I dont see that happening with BM. Its just one game I know and maybe suddenly we kick into high gear once OBJ is back - but it looks worrisome. We really need to score more than 20 pts Monday night - im getting sick and tired of that fucking stat line being thrown at us in every article I read. The Giants are 3 times the second placed team - 4 teams have a streak of just 2 - TWO - games of not scoring 20 pts atleast. Giants are at 7 and I dont want to say "and counting"

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