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How much longer does Eli play?


What happens to Eli?  

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  1. 1. Situations below;

    • This season IF the Gints win the whole shebang (age 36)
    • This season regardless of W/L (age 36)
    • Next season regardless of W/L (age 37)
    • 2019 his final contract year (age 38)
    • Whenever he gets another deep playoff run, even if it ends without a SB win.
    • He doesnt retire a Gint/team moves on/etc

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With Eli looking at his final few years left in the league, the Gints/FO/Eli are probably starting to look at the long term picture of things.


It's obvious JR is banking on another miracle playoff run with Eli at the helm, however there are things to consider;

  • Eli has won the big game twice, against all odds.
  • His kids are getting to that point where they probably want dad home more.
  • Eli can have whatever career he wants to in broadcasting after he hangs them up, literally he could kick Tony Romo off the set.
  • He doesnt need a "prove it all" year like Farve/Big brother Manning.
  • As much as he's been an iron man, the hits have to be taking a toll at this point.
  • He's alreay known as the best QB to ever put on Gints blue.

Anyways just wondering what everyone else has to think, personally I can see him calling it quits before his contract year, but more then likely he's done in 2019.



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Eli will be one of the few rare players that play out the end of their contracts. Meanwhile, next year's draft class is supposed to be QB heavy, and the Gmen will pick Eli's groom project then. In the 2nd round.


I, like Pdub, also think he won't take a TV gig. Or a coaching/trainer gig. I think he spends retirement in philanthropy, working with children, and makes the occasional regular appearance on the comedy club circuit.

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So long as he stays healthy I think he plays out his contract and potentially moves into a coaching position with the Gmen, unless he wants to move back to the South and maybe gets some sort of coaching roll at Ole Miss.


I would be shocked to see him go to another team for a season or two at the end.

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He'll at least finish out this contract, and I think he may even play longer. It's possible that might even be with another team. That would be crazy, and weird, and it would be tough to watch, but it's within the realm of possibility.

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Maybe the end of the contract. I think he sees what happened to Payton playing too long.

Peyton had a debilitating injury that even the HGH couldn't help. Eli has never missed a game, I say he plays till his arm falls off.

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Depends how important the Hall of Fame is to him. He'll need three to four more productive years for serious consideration.


I say he retires at the end of this contract, establishment a sports memorabilia business, gets indicted on federal racketeering charges, spends 5 years in the clink, makes a Walden-esque move to a cabin in the woods of Upstate NY and writes a bestselling memoir.

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