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NFL admits two blown calls that hurt Giants

Mr. P

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Seriously... PI penalties are the worst, most game-changing calls in the game and the adjudication of them is far, far too often inconsistent and unwarranted.


I don't see why the NFL, which has embraced the idea of getting the call on the field right, will not allow some kind of review of PI penalties given what we've seen from them. I understand that the NFL doesn't want to get into challenging penalty flags because it's tough to put that cookie back in the jar, but it's simply affecting the outcomes of games too much.

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Refs who make bad calls that ends up determining the outcome of a game should be suspended without pay for 5 games. Bet they'd be damn sure they made the right calls.


My guess is that those particular refs had Dallas in Vegas to the tune of that particular game's salary.


It's happened in just about every other sport.

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There's a total of 60 minute in a game yet it takes 3hrs to watch. You mean to tell me even after the ref made a bad call, they dont have a HQ to review that call and confirm back?


If you gamble on a regular bases. You can spot small shit calls that changes the outcome of the bet. Meaningless TD or FGs. Stupid play call when you're 30 yeards away with one last play and you decide to not go for the tie FG. The players don't fix games. The refs does and that's why they make these calls unchallengeable. Else they can't control the out come.

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