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Giants Voted #1...


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...photo op for opposition players.




42nd Annual Photo Contest Winner Announced


Philadelphia Inquirer photographer Ron Cortes is the winner of the Dave Boss Award of Excellence for his entry in the 42nd Annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest. His photo titled “Jackson’s Parade" was deemed the Photograph of the Year for the 2009 National Football League season.


The color action image captures Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver/kick returner DeSean Jackson’s returning a punt 72 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter of the Eagles game against the New York Giants on December 13, 2009 at Giants Stadium. Jackson appears to be high stepping like a band majorette with several Giants defenders chasing in perfect line behind him.


The prestigious contest, sponsored by Canon, U.S.A., Inc., the official camera of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is open to professional photographers ordinarily on assignment to cover NFL games. Photos taken during the 2009 NFL season, that included Super Bowl XLIV and the 2010 Pro Bowl, were eligible.


Cortes’ entry was the first place winner in the Action category while Jim Davis of the Boston Globe placed first in the Feature category. Davis’ image titled “On the Same Page" depicts three New England Patriots players simultaneously checking the incoming play call on their wrist bands before heading to the line of scrimmage as the team runs their hurry up offense vs. the New York Jets on September 20, 2009.


Judging was conducted on April 16 by a panel of prominent photo editors and photographers. The judges included Ron Kuntz, wire service photographer, UPI & Reuters news pictures; Ben Liebenberg, Photo Editor/Lead Photographer, NFL.com; Paul Nisely, Senior Photo Editor, The Sporting News; Brad Smith, Senior Sports Photo Editor, The New York Times; and Tony Tomsic, freelance photographer who has shot every Super Bowl.


Cortes will be officially honored at the Enshrinees GameDay Roundtable, part of the 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival, on August 8, 2010. The multi-day enshrinement celebration is highlighted by the induction of the Class of 2010 – Russ Grimm, Rickey Jackson, Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little, John Randle, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith – on August 7, followed by the NFL Hall of Fame Game the next day. This year's game showcases the Cincinnati Bengals and the Dallas Cowboys.



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looks like a freakin parade

It's a freaking terrible picture. Not exactly one that will become my wallpaper. Oh well....the Eagles have very, very little to be proud about considering their number of superbowl wins - oh wait, there aren't any :laugh: so maybe this picture will give them something to cheer about knowing there's precious little else for them to cheer about.

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If Chase Blackburn had just a few more yards, he would have tackled him. He has the closing speed of a cheetah.


Blackburn let them have that one. He figured since he is the best player on the field at all times regardless of his starting role, he thought he would show some compassion and let the opposing team score atleast one TD against the legend that is Blackburn. You know so when DeSean Jackson is talking to his grand kids one day he can tell them the story of how he scored a TD against the best player ever to suit up, The Blackburn.

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I'm glad somebody else noticed....its either photoshopped, or four or five Giants don't cast a shadow.


You kidding Chase Blackburn casts four or five shadows by himself,Chase Blackburn once had a akward moment just to see what it felt like and this was it.

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The sad part is that Blackburn is in the lead. He may not be the fastest but at least he is trying unlike the rest of the players.


I'm sorry did you watch the video? Blackburn gave up just like the rest of the players. When Jackson has a 15 yard lead on you no matter how hard you try your not going to catch him, even the almighty Blackburn knows that. I'll admit Blackburn cut across the field and made a hell of an effort to try and catch up to him but when he hits the 20 yard line he slows down with the rest of the team.


Fucking Kehl got knocked right off his feet, he stays upright he has himself a tackle.

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Well, that's what happens when you get 40 yard punts with no hang time...add in some solid blocking and poor hustle and containment, and voila. Punt return TD.


I wonder how this new guy we drafted will pan out.

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Your kidding right?


Maybe Seph was, but I'm not. Half the guys in that picture have a shadow, look at DeSean Jackson and Chase Blackburn leading the way for an example.


But look further back in the pic - under the same lighting many guys don't have a shadow. #51 looks like he's floating in the air, like he's been cut and pasted into the pic.


And I see a shadow for every single player in the TV replay, not as much for players near the center of the field, but they're well defined once players get within several yards of the sideline. Also, the TV shot is not from a definitive angle, but in doing a head count there should be more Eagles in that picture.


I just think its funny. I mean, the play was bad enough as it was, but I'm certain the pic was doctored for effect. These days its really easy to do (obviously).

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