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Finally a Giant Player that can get some seperation


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Well of course they split up.


He's a good looking guy on TV and radio all the time and she looks like what happened when ugly met fugly.


i disagree but i'm an admirer of the asian persuasion. i also don't understand your reasoning.

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Well of course they split up.


He's a good looking guy on TV and radio all the time and she looks like what happened when ugly met fugly.


How low is the bar for "good looking"? seriously.

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thought this comment was funny, yet appropriate.



04/05/2010 3:58 PM


Tiki and his wife will strive to cause the least possible disruption for their sons. Wonderful. Like divorce is some kind of temporary issue that's just a bump in the road for kids.


Check the research Tiki: divorce has a life-long impact children, and kids from divorced homes are 2-3 times more likely to experience emotional problems.


Tiki once slammed Eli for his lack of leadership. Eli -- by example -- is 100 times the leader Tiki is or ever will be.


What a loser.




Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/splitsville_for_tiki_wife_NMndEoF77CRVuSbrhvWeKO#ixzz0kKlP9CwH

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Well, let's put it this way... if beautiful women were throwing themselves at you all the time, and you came home every night to this: ginny_kimora.png


would you stick with it, or would you go "Tiger Woods?"



yumm. Me likey

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still not seeing your point- and how do you know he asked for the divorce?


My point is that he can get any hottie he wants, and his wife is busted, so of course he's going to want to score some primo tail.


And I have no idea that he asked for the divorce, it's just a guess.

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Tiki Barber Dumps Pregnant Wife For Hot Blonde




Ex-Giants superstar Tiki Barber has dumped his 8-months-pregnant wife, Ginny, for sexy former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, sources told The Post last night.


The football star-turned-"Today" show-correspondent left his wife of 11 years, Ginny, for the 23-year-old blonde, who also worked at 30 Rock, the sources said.


Ginny, who is expecting twins, found out about the relationship late last year, after the run-around running back moved out of their Upper East Side home.


Johnson, a model-thin bombshell, was photographed sitting next to Tiki last month at a Washington, DC, screening of a documentary on Senegal that he hosted for the Travel Channel. Sources believe Johnson also accompanied Tiki to Senegal for the filming late last year, when Ginny was three months pregnant.


The affair is particularly stunning in light of Barber's long-standing disdain for his philandering father.


"I don't give a [bleep] that the relationship didn't work," he said of his parents' split in a 2004 Post interview. "Not only did he abandon her, I felt like he abandoned us for a lot of our lives. I have a hard time forgiving that."


Barber's confidants were shocked.


"He was always the nice guy with a million-dollar smile," a Barber family friend told The Post.


"We were shocked to find out that he could walk out on his wife of 11 years while she's pregnant with twins. He was with this girl in Senegal while Ginny was three months pregnant.


"And we believe she was also with him in Vancouver while he was blogging about the Winter Olympics for Yahoo.com."


Barber, who is believed to have to have relocated to an Upper West Side bachelor paid, released a statement yesterday in response to a Page Six item announcing the split.


"After 11 years of marriage, Ginny and I have decided to separate," Barber said. "This decision was a painful one, but we are moving forward amicably and will continue to work together to raise our children with the love and dedication they have always known."


A Tiki Barber spokesman declined to comment.


Ginny is a former fashion publicist and full-time mom to the couple's two sons, A.J., 7, and Chason, 6. She, too, declined to comment.


But she's been known to tout her caretaking role for Tiki.


"I'm sort of a traditionalist where I don't mind taking care of him," she said in a 2006 interview.


Johnson can be seen posing with a smiling gal pal in a pic on her MySpace page. The two are wearing red short shorts and Giants jerseys emblazoned with Barber's No. 21.


Tiki and Ginny began dating 16 years ago when both were students at the University of Virginia.


Barber, who turns 35 today, was hired by NBC just after he retired in 2007 -- when sources say he first met Johnson, who was working there as an intern.


In his 10-year NFL career, Barber set nearly every career offensive record for the Giants, and made three Pro Bowls.


His end run on Ginny with the much younger Johnson runs counter to the all-American Barber persona that fans and TV viewers know.


During Giants games, Tiki used to blow a kiss to Ginny in the stands every time he scored.


In his 2007 memoir, "Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond," Barber described the example he wanted to set for his kids.


"I want to be an honorable man, because that's what I want them both to be," he wrote, noting, "My family is everything to me."




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Wow, looks like Seph was spot on. He must've gotten the dirt from Fake Shockey.


I remember that....nice one.


Tiki showing his true colors....what a douche. I'd be dead if I pulled that on Mrs. Morris.

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I remember that....nice one.


Tiki showing his true colors....what a douche. I'd be dead if I pulled that on Mrs. Morris.



Nothing surprises me what this fake asshole does man....his wife ain't half bad looking and she was the one taking care of his ass. That blonde he dumped her for is a dime a dozen. What is it with these cats anyway.... go for take out every now and then and come home for dinner man. Unless the wife is the one being unfaithful try to work things out. Screw Me Me Barber. :jerkoff:

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