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  1. if Nas isn't too old, maybe he could try out. I understand he was a pretty solid kicker in his day.
  2. Worst call Ive seen in a long time. These type calls are the pussification of the nfl.
  3. Are we watching the same game? Oh I see the mistake. The Qb wearing the white jersey is not manning, its cam newton.
  4. That was about as peewee football imitation that Ive ever seen.
  5. I really like what the Giants did in the draft this year. I particularly liked the first pick. I would have hated getting just a good running back, but this one seems perfect. I think the offense, Eli, will benefit greatly. To have a real threat with the run will open up all kinds of passing opportunities as they bite on play action, etc. Defenses won't be able to key in on Eli and the pass. I am glad the temptation to draft a QB early was avoided. Even if a stellar choice was made there, he would be useless without other holes filled first. I really like the 2nd pick also. I hadn't heard of him before, since I didn't watch college football much this year. But everything seems to indicate he's probably the best "run" lineman in the draft this year, so will help our run game even more. I feel sure he'll be more than adequate in the pass too. The defensive picks seem solid. overall, I am really happy.
  6. Will we barely slip into the playoffs as a wildcard or will we be division champs?
  7. They still have the least.
  8. Is Trump Making the Giants Great Again?
  9. maybe he will match his consecutive starts that ended last week during this new start..
  10. You're right. how many superbowl rings did Favre win? How many does Alex have?
  11. Just got home to see the pathetic 2nd possession. Gotta do better than this.
  12. isn't each one of those equaled by a "how the crap did he pull that out" game?
  13. rphguy


    Maybe they're trying to turn Eli into his dad. Run for your life and never have a winning season
  14. he's a tight end that can do some long wr style plays too.
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