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NY Giants' Mario Manningham limited in practice because of a shoulder injury


By Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger


September 23, 2009, 4:19PM

manningham92309jpg-688fa8906c9b7a8d_large.jpgEPAGiantswide receiver Mario Manningham had a big night against the Cowboys onSunday, but he also came away with a shoulder injury that limited himin practice on Wednesday.

Just when you thought the Giants’ injury report couldn’t get any worse,out goes one of the stars from Sunday night’s victory over the Cowboys.




Wide receiver Mario Manningham was limited inpractice Wednesday with a shoulder injury. Practice is closed to themedia and this news wasn’t presented to us until after the open lockerroom, so Manningham was not asked how he felt or how serious the injurywas.


Last week, defensive tackle Chris Canty was asurprise addition to the injury report with the “limited” tag. That wasa bit misleading, though, because Canty left with a serious injury, didnot return and is still out of action. It’s unclear if Manningham tooka few plays off here and there or if he left at some point for good.


What we do know is he left Sunday’s game for a bit with a shoulderinjury and returned, so it’s likely something that’s just nagging him abit. Plus, he did an interview in the locker room Wednesday, so it’snot like he was off somewhere getting treatment or ducking reporters.


But again, we’ll have to see.


* * * *



As for WR Domenik Hixon, he said the knee injury that occurred on Sunday was a result of when he “stepped wrong” on a punt return.


“I tried to shake it off,” Hixon said, “but when I caught the slant, someone fell on it and it felt kind of awkward after that.”


Hixon said he feels “all right” now and is trying to get thestrength back in the joint. Asked about his chances for playing onSunday, he replied, “I’m just taking it one day at a time, trying toget back and make sure I can do everything -- cutting and all that.”


It must have been tough for Hixon to be on the sideline as Manningham and WR Steve Smith were grabbing a combined 10 receptions for 284 yards and 2 TDs.


“You could see they were out there having fun, and you want to beout there with your teammates,” said Hixon, who added: “They went outthere and got the win, and that’s all that matters. But I woulddefinitely have liked to be out there.”


* * * *



Speaking of WRs who would have liked to be working against the Cowboys’ secondary, Hakeem Nicksdid some running on the side Wednesday and said he felt pretty good. Hewon’t play on Sunday, but he’s hopeful he’ll return for the gameagainst the Chiefs the following week -- especially after seeingManningham and Smith catching passes all over the place in CowboysStadium.


“I was glad to see them doing so well,” Nicks said before adding with a smile: “But I definitely wanted some of that action.”


* * * *



I’m still looking for the phantom holding call against LG Rich Seubert to start the Giants’ final drive on Sunday. I knew it wasn’t Seubert, but I thought maybe it was LT David Diehl. Well, at least I thought that was the target of the flag, but I definitely didn’t think he did anything.


It turns out the “guilty” party was C Shaun O’Hara, who took NTJay Ratliff tothe ground. The umpire said O’Hara grabbed Ratliff and threw him to theground, which would be a penalty. But I didn’t see the grabbing, onlythe knocking to the ground, which is not a penalty. Boy, if the Giantshadn’t overcome that one, this would have been a major controversybecause that was a questionable call at a crucial time.


Speaking of questionable calls, WR Derek Hagan wasflagged for a personal foul on a leg whip on the same play. The leaguereturned an “our bad” on that one, as they admitted that was a bad calland that there was no leg whip on the play. That one didn’t matterbecause the Cowboys accepted the flag on Seubert/O’Hara. (The Haganpenalty would have been a spot foul after the Giants gained a firstdown, which means it would have been first-and-10 from the 25 insteadof first-and-20 from the 15.)


* * * *



And finally, going back to the $12,500 fine on Cowboys LT Flozell Adams, an NFL spokesman said Wednesday afternoon it was for two kicking incidents: the one against DE Justin Tuck and an attempted trip later against DE Osi Umenyiora that wasn't flagged but caught the attention of NBC's color commentator Cris Collinsworth.



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12500? He could have ended the guys career. he kicked him in the knee on purpose. So the fucking league fines him like they would for an intentional uniform infraction or TD dance??


that is just ridiculous. You would think the players union itself would get on the fat fuck.

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