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Coboy fans are queer!

so-cal dub

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Dallas, Dallas, We are the Cowboys, super strong, super speed, fe fi fo..Dallas Cowboys, Cowboy football!!!


You know what I just realized? The Cowboys went the entire decade of 2000-2009 without winning a playoff game. That has to be a first in their history. A playoff winless decade, wow. So super strong...

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or as in the richard pryor line "we were so poor we were just po' - couldn't even afford the last 2 letters....hard times"



I was born in Tupelo Mississippi.....Tupelo....its right by Onebelow....lol!!! I have to check out Youtube to see if they have any of the classics.

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Dude makes 2 posts and you guys are all over him. :LMAO::clap:


God I miss 'admin review'.

Not exactly just him. I think there are 3 recent cowboy fans that joined all in 3 days apart from each other. This being a Giants site makes me to talk shit. I wasnt insinuating banning the dude though. JR is just on a tear I guess...

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