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Giants D to have a field day?


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I would, but my avatar is too freakin amazing. I refuse to remove it.

Oh, don't worry about that......I can safely remove your avatar and store it in the Sportswrath vault, then re-install it after the bet. C'mon, man, support the Spag-a-tar.

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AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!! Dammit... I'm in. Only one week right?

Just the week, on a week-by-week basis. Believe me, you'll be lovin; it if you have to sport The Spagatar all season. :rock:


So we've got myself, BIGBLUE, jr, Lubeck and Dragon. Any one else out there who's willing to show some man-love for The Spagster?

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I'm in, not liek i can lose this bet. Actually, it;'s the only bet i hope i lose.

We should do one for the whole team as well, like every time they win we have to wear a Coughlin sig with a heart around him. :ph34r:


That is why I so blindly accept this "bet" because if I "lose"....well it ain't really losing is it? Although I will miss Keira.


It is so early in the season and this team does it every year teasing us at the start then crashing and burning at the end.....but I can't help but say that if this team really has found itself and if Coughlin adjusting to the new NFL like he seems to have....I mean when I saw Ross take that pick six, get to the sideline and then of all people I see Coughlin there to give him a cheer that is really the moment that I believed that Coughlin was buying into his own system.

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