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Shockey better look out for this guy...


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You know his threats are sincere... his words from the heart...

...when he keeps looking down to read his next line.

(Not too bright down in Texas).


that's as bright as they come in the lone star state. Bush country.


Hey, wat is da sopos two min? :unsure:



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Thanks man, I didn`t know games started out with the score tied 0-0.


Fucking idiot.

All I can say is that this Mayberry Kid wannabe is representative of the fan base of the Broke Backs and the 69'ers. Young faggots born during the 1970-s or later, who never experienced what the NFL looked like and who was dominant prior to the Broke Back and 69'er runs of the 80's and 90's. Despite the fact that he sounds like a home grown Broke Back lover, he fits the criteria of a pimply wannabe who gets validation by cheering for a homer team. Example where are all of those 69'er jackets, caps, sweatshirts, etc. that we used to see in the Tri-State area and nationwide. In the closets gathering dust....until they win something again... and wallah they were life long fans.

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What I thought was funny was he's telling Shockey not to go over the middle as if Shockey doesn't own Roy Williams.


He also said "not 12-7", as if that is an insurmountable lead.


Oh, and we won by 14 because Romo threw an interception when they were trying to come back.


I guess we should all feel like the Giants are the best because they've only lost 3 in row because Eli sucked in those games. :confused::huh:

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