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  1. I really hope the Giants were in behind the scenes talks with Cowher before Coughlin "stepped down". (should have been Reese "stepping down") Eli is 35 and would rather the Giants kept the coaching staff intact until he retired. Anyway, this is the best bandwagon in town.
  2. I get what you are saying but football teams tend to suffer more from outside distraction more than any other sport. It was bad enough that they were going to have to deal with the questions about the shitty clock management but to add to it that they have to answer questions about making a completely asinine decision not to score was avoidable. Eli should have taken the sack on third down. That's where he effed up. Eli is taking a lot a shit for covering for McAdoo and Coughlin for not wanting to score to put them up 2 scores and I'm sure everyone in the locker room knows it. They also k
  3. I believe Eli is doing what a good teammate does - taking the blame. The call most likely came from McAdoo, but Coughlin would have known. Between the three of them (Coughlin, McAdoo, & Eli) one of the should have realized that this was a bonehead decision. To be honest, I'm more mad at Jennings for letting this get beyond the locker room. I'm surprised nobody is bringing that up. I remember a postgame interview last year where he threw someone under the bus. I forgot who or what it was about I just remember thinking that he was a douche for doing that. I tried searching giants.com but
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